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Salt and Pepper Robot

In the Shout Box Doug asked for a new robot idea and gave a list of material he has:

targetdg15: Anyway, I have an arduino, and three servos... any bot ideas out there?

targetdg15: umn... 2 photoresistors, and an IR distance sensor


Shure we have ideas.  Build a Kitchen Robot that brings Salt and Pepper (NilsB). Call it Pepper-y Salt (Kariloy's idea) with the claim Bring Spices on Command (from Maxhirez). Using this or this principle (found by JerZ). 

Here an example as inspiration (found by JerZ).



Here the Shout Box conversation:

 JerZ: Here's Frits' Bi-ped for the sake of variety
NilsB: pepper-y salt
targetdg15: now im surfing the web looking for a three servo desing i like lol
NilsB: this is what a LMR chef must have at home
NilsB: yeah! JerZ.
ChuckCrunch: indeed
targetdg15: ye it does, it has a strikingly handsome man on it :)
NilsB:Pepper-y Salt
Bring Spyce on Command
targetdg15: that is a great idea!
NilsB: this is the response to your question about a new robot idea.
Maxhirez: Nils suggested you build a robot to bring you spices on command.
NilsB: pepper-y salt. robot project candidate.
targetdg15: pepper-y salt?
 NilsB: you could build the: pepper-y salt
targetdg15: umn... 2 photoresistors, and an IR distance sensor
 kariloy: or... pepper-y salt \o/
NilsB: doug, what sensors do you have?
 Maxhirez: I love the way you think Nils!
NilsB: a robot that brings you salt or pepper
NilsB: a robot that disturbs you at work
NilsB: targetdg15 is a chef. how about something for the kitchen?
JerZ: looks like this one gets around quite well
birdmun: 3 servo hex
Maxhirez: Nice to see you NilsB
ChuckCrunch: i made 1 a very long time ago
targetdg15: Anyway, I have an arduino, and three servos... any bot ideas out there lol
NilsB: RIP
targetdg15: well the legs broke off for the last time... to the trash with it
NilsB: yes Jason. I love that one too.
NilsB: could this be the walking mechanism of KT?
Maxhirez: I love that one. It's differential drive with legs.
targetdg15: And yes, it is, I think i just have a flaw in my desing... maybe too much weight
targetdg15: thought about it... where would I put them?
JerZ: @targetdg sounds like serious business over there.
NilsB: doug, would you mind to give KT two more legs?
targetdg15: giving my bot on more chance... after that it gets scrapped!

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So I am in love with this design, but Ive never built a hexapod before. From what I understand, the middlt legs prop one side up, the opposing legs then move the chassis forward, then it switches.... Is that correct?


this is a design I was looking at, but maybe a little more bulky, so it can handle the weight of a small claw and the salt/ pepper