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Hello to the LMR community,

I'm Sébastien and one of the newest members of the RobotShop team. I've been interested in all matters of science, electronics and robotics since an early age. I've spent countless hours as a kid dismantling random electronic objects and re-assembling them afterwards to see how they work.

Lacking any good mentor for electronics and robotics, I did not pursue this interest any further until I started university outside my hometown, where I studied software engineering (embedded systems). I wanted to make new friends and decided to become a member of our local IEEE student branch, which at the time was hosting a robotics competition for beginners. The competition didn't happen due to a lack of participation from students but it piqued my interest. The next year I started getting more involved with the IEEE student branch and become the VP Projects. I spent most of my time helping other students learn about robotics, creating tutorials and managing the IEEE student open-lab.

I also participated in a student exchange program to South Korea at INHA (Incheon). It was an experience which helped me to learn more about embedded systems, electronics and robotics while adapting to a new culture.

During my last two years of university, I became a TA for various embedded system's courses and also created the material for and taught an elective course under the mentorship of one of our professors.

Once I graduated, I was certain that my next step would be to continue working with robotics and share knowledge about this amazing field and this is when I applied to RobotShop. It seemed like a logical choice for my first full-time job and it has been a wonderful experience ever since! ;)

My interests are greatly varied and include high-level software design & algorithms (games, AI, various utilities and protocols), low-level assembly and C/C++ development on embedded MCUs (usually AVR & ARM), FPGA/CPLD development using Verilog/VHDL, custom electronics project & PCB design, some small/simple mechanical designs and really anything robotics related!

I am looking forward to learning more about the LMR community and contributing to its greatness! :)