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Schreibotics Fabricator MkII

It supposed to 3D print with maker juice resin and with a 1.6 watt laser galvo.
SLA_High_Resolution_3D_Printer_in_Progress.zip1.2 MB

So it all started in November of last year. I was getting frusterated after printing a whole series of human skulls out of PLA and them coming out as crap and each one taking six hours of work. Since I have gotten access to a makerspace and have been using the laser cutter and 3D printers there so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

This is my sla 3d printer as of 4/8/2017.

It has a stepper motor already inside of it. I have all the printed parts and laser cut everything. The stepper motor is the only piece of electronics inside it. I have all the parts except the mirror, projector, smooth rod, and a base to mount the projector. I also haven't designed the part that supports the mirror or designed the projector base.

Here are pictures of my progress.


Wish me good luck!!!


UPDATE: 6/29/2017

I will be redoing the entire z axis do to numerous problems. I will also be redoing the whole bottom of the printer do to the fact I no longer am intending on using a projector but galvos instead. Last but no least I will be designing my own galvos that use a laser.

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"Good Luck"

Lol thanks gg!!!

oh boy this looks cool. I hope one day you can send me one !

No worries I am hoping to write a tutorial some day for how to make it so everyone can make there own. Thanks it is very cool!!!

I like the little details in your pictures, like the dog, microscope, ball, etc. Looks like an alife inventor's place. Have fun with your build!

Thanks I just noticed that as well lol. I hope you have fun too!!!

Do you have the complete design in 3D? Looking forward to seeing it operate. One of the big issues with 3D printing is that the build plate and the extruder need to be incredibly rigid. If it helps, we'll soon have inexpensive and very rigid aluminum extrusions available on RobotShop which might make for great frame components for a 3D printer.

I have like 80% of the 3D models made and in that .zip but not the whole thing. It isn't finished lol. I really regret not using 8020's for this printer because that would have been very convenient. Thanks!!!