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Second Platform (reserved platform) and Separated Robotic Arm Platform

22 March Job done

Made The Platform for Arm

Today I've finished the platform for Inem robot arm which I developed separately. This platform consist of 6 dof robotic arm meanwhile the steering of the platform is created just like inem robot.


As always, I created a platform with galvalume metal, since galvalume is very lightweight metal, easy to make some holes around using a drill.I separate this platform from original inem platform to make the programming works, and kinematic easier. (I believe nobody will believe me, for a 150 cm robot height,  the weight of the robot is only 3.5 kg.)

by default this 6 dof that I bought from ebay will use long u bracket, which I've replaced with short u-bracket. since it's shorter the torque will increase. for dof 1,4,5,6 I use mg995, for second dof and third dof, I use jx pdi-6221mg with stall torquee 20kg.cm at 6 volt, hence the second dof will be able to lift at least 500 g, considering the length between second and third is 8 cm.


The Second Inem Platform as reserve

Since I don't really trust the speed of raspberry pi 3 for artificial intelligence that I use for inem robot, I prepared a second platform as a reserve which for the brain of this second platform, I use one of my laptop with intel 2 ghz clock speed and ram 4 gb.


this one I created using woods as it's torso. and some light metals to mount  the motors. meanwhile the steering is purposely created just the same like inem robot (first platform) that I created using raspberry pi 3.

current robot weight is less than 2 kg. Rated motor torque is 7 kg.cm at 7.2 volt. meanwhile I planned to use whether a 12 v battery (accu) or a 15v battery pack.