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secondary level arduino electronics kit?

i'm wondering if anyone sells a kit of components for like a secondary level of hobbyist... like a next step up from an arduino inventors kit.  Something that includes a bunch of components such as:

  • Some ATMega328P-PU chips
  • sockets
  • FTDI USB breakout board
  • caps
  • oscillators
  • A bunch of perfboards
  • a bunch of Header pins (female and male)
  • hookup wire
  • voltage regulators
  • power connectors
  • battery packs
  • Other basic stuff that we all have to buy as small packages

maybe some other next step components like bluetooth or rf transceivers, etc.

EDIT:  i know you can also buy individual board-duino kind of kits that just come with the top 5 items but i'm thinking something more inclusive that has a bunch of other stuff you need.

It seems like there are a ton of beginner level arduino kits designed to get people making things on a breadboard with an arduino hooked up, but after you do that for a while and want to start building your own stuff you're kind of left ordering individual or bulk parts.  I have a well stocked parts drawers, but it would be cool if someone made a kit of everything you need to move from arduino to the next level of making stuff.

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that you could subscribe to that sends you stuff you might need once a month.  you know like all those "monthly subscription boxes" that just sends you a grab bag each month in the mail...


with a bunch more header pins and supporting stuff thrown in.  I guess really I'm just tired of making $3 ebay purchases all the time.

an inventory control application :p