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Sheldon is currently in its third frame on his second microcontroller.  He started in an altoid can using picaxe and worked his way up to his current body using arduino.  I'm pretty happy with the body now so here's to planning thats how it will stay for awhile.  Currently it has a SRF05 ultra sound in the head (x and y axis) and a long range sharp in the neck (x-axis).  Still working in an infrared obstacle detector from rocketbrand studios and integrating bluetooth in as a debugging tool and possibly remote control later.  Still has a lot of work to be done with it.


Pictures for now, I'll update them with a better camera soon along with some video.




UPDATE: 7/29

After many different tries, I have the infrared bumper navigation working decent enough.  Bluetooth control is also working with remote drive, autonomous mode, and an independent head pan and tilt mode all using rocket brand studios android app which is truely amazing.  I was going to make an app on my own but there's no need when Rocket Brand Studios does all I need to.  All of this needs much refining, but Ill post videos in the next few days.

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His left track looks like it has a rather large angle from parallel with the floor.

Nice robot! And indeed, it looks like he suffers a bit from obese ;) Are the axes to the wheels bending, or is the whole motor unit not completely perpendicular on the body because of the weight?

the motors are parallel, the idler wheels are on seperate, very short, axles so theyre bending some within their holes.  Switching to one long front axle would fix it but i haven't got around to it yet.

I like the head.  Very sleek-looking, and looks doable with at-home simple tools (no 3D printing or anything).  What did you use to bend the metal plate to fit so precisely, and how is it actually attached?  Just with glue or velcro on the inside? 

What is body of robot? Is it old power supply of computer?

The head was just cut using a rotary dremel and bent on a sharp table edge a little past 90 so it stays press fitted on. The body is just foam board with aluminum siding from a craft store

Very good,  looks like the  Wall-e without the arms,  great work