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Simple 3D printed linear actuator

Pushing and pulling loads on robots and machines

Simple 3D printed part tubular actuator. Only needs a motor and a threaded rod to complete. Will easily push or pull several pounds and can be made in many lengths. I made lots of these for my robotics and small machines.I often make mine with encoder wheels for tracking.

Here is a video link to show it working:


Another application showing it working:


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That's the same principle that almost all DC linear actuators use (Firgelli, Actuonix etc):  https://www.robotshop.com/en/actuators.html

However, using 3D printed parts, and a relatively inexpensive DC gear motor, you might be able to get the price well below any of these. Try to simplify the 3D parts so it uses as little material as possible and no finishing required and you might be on to something.


The actuator contains the smallest amount of printing possible and remain robust, a couple inches of threaded rod and the cheapest gearmotor available(less than 2$). Total price for a completedd unit about 4 inches is less than 4$.

3D printed parts will always require a bit of trimming...In this case not much.

Not looking for a product venue on this at that time-it was for my own purposes. I needed them inepensive, durable, and repeatable.

Thought I would just post as an inspirational post here for someone else to try for their own purposes.