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Simple C# Serial Communication Program

communicates with devices over serial
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I'm slowly building a library of programs in C# for controlling robots, writing tutorials for how to make them as I go. I will be listing all my programs for robots here: Programs for Robots.  Edit: I am no longer building this set of tools unfortunately, however I will occasionally be making programs like this and will post them on my blog. Sorry about the link not working for this, it should now be working. 

 This is the first, and probably most simple, program that can both send a string over the serial and read data back from the serial.

You can view the tutorial on how to make this program (coming soon) and download it here: C# Serial Communication Program for Robots Tutorial

Update: I have added a save to file button, so the data read from the serial can be saved to a text file. I have also added a clear all button as shown below.


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Thanks for the tutorial, very helpful! I'm thinking of making my own robot control program.

Thanks :) You should, it's not that difficult really!