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Simple three-servo hexapod walker using the Pololu Micro Maestro

Walks forward and backward, turns in place, avoids obstacles.

This is a simple three-servo hexapod robot using the Pololu Micro Maestro as a controller.  The Micro Maestro allows allows me to sequence gaits and integrate sensor readings for obstacle avoidance.

I have posted complete build instructions and a video that I hope people will take a look at.  Anyone who has decent soldering skills should be able to build this robot in an afternoon or so, and I think that there are a lot of possible variations on the design.  Below I have posted some pictures taken from the build instructions to illustrate the steps in building the robot:


Parts used (total cost = $65):

Parts for the hexapod

Servo configuration:

 Servo configuration.

 Servo wiring to Micro Maestro:

Servo wiring to Micro Maestro

Sensor wiring:

Sensor wiring

 Complete electronic assembly:

 Complete electronic assembly

Complete robot assembly:

Complete robot assembly

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Nice and clean job. Are the servos and legs powerful enough to get nice walking even with weight of batteries?
Yes, it is quite capable of lifting itself up, though it is obviously not going to be an all-terrain or outdoor robot.  The servos do hum a bit when they are supporting weight.
Cool... soon u spider will have a clone. I'm working on it. :)
Great, I can't wait to see what you build!  Please post pictures!

Very good robot indeed! love it, small and simple, easily made with barely any tools.


mind if i share the video in another forum? 

Sure, no problem - it is on youtube, so you can link to or embed it anywhere.  Can you tell me where you post it so I can follow the comments?


It's in portuguese.


I like it! :) Probably will try to build one, but using Picaxe 08M. :)