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Six Entertaining Things To Do With A Robotic Arm


Just a video of some things I did with my robotic arm. Lots of robotic arms in the closet I imagine, time for them to come out.

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Really great to see what all you have done witht the robotic arm.

I thing the drum playing and the paper airplane are my favorite.

Great job, keep up the good work.

Thanks so much Jeff. My favorite is the drum cause I like to play along with it and so will develop some more rhythms. Also like the pulling the plug at the end as this is a nodd to the Shannon's Useless Machiine.

You always bring the special something to this site. Thanks for being back again.

Are these movements all preprogrammed? Do you use some remote control or some kind of start trigger?

How did you program it? Did you modify each servo to connect a cable to the internal potentiometer, so that you can determine the arms pose, when you move it manually, then replay it later?

Where did you get this robot arm/what's its name (or if you made it, what are the components)?

Edit: I saw your earlier robot arm video, and guess you programmed the poses with your mouse. Still wondering what triggers the replay of the recorded movements.

Thanks, you are super kind!

These are just a series of function calls to an interpolation routine that sets all the servo position angles. Nothing fancy. All trial and error until I got them in the right place.

I do want to get another programmer's mouse routine working so that I can operate the arm and store the movements. Will do that soon but currently am lost in the wonders of reaction wheels for the time being.