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If you are designing something so complex that you actually have to think (!?!).. and you get frustrated about how ugly you draw :)

.. or perhaps you'd like to actually be able to rely on your sketches.. I got one word for you: SketchUp!

It is free. It will take a weekend to really get the hang of it. But then it is just your free tool whenever you want a drawing.


It is extremely fast to work with.

You can download tons of pre-mades - see my illustration, the servo I just downloaded.


- And it is (when you have learned the program) very easy to draw in right sizes, so it can be used to actually see if things will fit & work together.


(Please do not ask what the illustrations are supposed to be - it is just part of a brainstorm ;)




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i love that robot arm, sketchup its really a nice software, i tryed before but i got frostrated about drawing everything.. good to know that now there are robot parts samples to download =P

i wold love to plan my robot arm there...

your looks greath =P

nice little arm thing you got going there. is it your or somebody elses. any ways ill probably download that.

ive also got  program called anim8or. its of but really difficult when moving objects.

It is not an arm! :D 

/ Fritsl


where did you downloaded the sample files like the servo?


Just within the program's menu: 3D Warehouse -> Get models.. 

/ Fritsl

I've had a lot of trouble with this software, probably because my computer is so slow. It does take up a ton of space. I think there is better software out there. If you have a fast computer, than Sketchup can be great, though it can be difficult to manipulate shapes.

Since Sketchup is cool and free. it safe to say that its LMRs preferred method of CAD.

I think it would be useful to have a LMR library of models all in a "LMR 3d Collection" so we have a centralized repository for common models that we all use. If you all have your own personal 3d collection, we can migrate or copy the models in the proposed new LRM 3d collection.

Sounds like a cool idea.. But why not just use the overall global sharing system implemented in the program? That way we can both get each others, and benefit from the rest of the worlds art. All in one place..