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Sophisticated Sound Effect Generation Made Simple

Generates sound effects, music, drum track, gun shots anything, its a full wavetable synth


As there is a current forum topic asking for tips on adding sound to robots Its a good opportunity to introduce the Illutron B four voice wavetable synthesiser.


Its an awesome little synth that runs on Arduino and is able to output four different voices through a single pin using PWM.

Its over kill for most projects and to use it in a robot you would want a function to start and stop the synth as it uses two timers. but other than that its really very impressive (I can probably get it down to one timer which would make it a bit more practical).

So now you can add real drum sounds to your next drummer bot or phazers to your next line follower - or just do what I have done and add two pots and four leds for a pocket nightclub.


If you just generating sound effects you can leave out most of the wavetables and sequencer code to keep the size down.

Duane B.


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I wondered why it was not showing, thanks. Its a danger of using paintbrush to crop images, it always wants to save in bmp.

Duane B


It'd be cool if you'd update it with a working image, thanks :)

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   There is a demo video in the link, its playing a techno tune, but its capable of a lot more, if you PM me I will send you the code to have a play with - It should be on git hub but I have checked and its still not there yet.

Duane B