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Stair climbing robot

Climb stairs
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Hi All. I will like to share one of my mechatronics class projects I did with a group of friends. We set out to build a Stair climbing robot. I have attached a copy of the project report because its a lot to rewrite.



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I've recently bought a couple of Dagu Rover 5, hoping to do the exact same thing - climb stairs. Looking forward to some details on your robot. Does it work? Got any videos? How strong is the servo on the front? What's in the box!!?

Hi hoggernick

Here is a Youtube link of the final project: https://youtu.be/hs1b7qU134s. See the attachment of the project report for the details of whats in the box.

The YouTube link does not work for me. Getting a "404 Not Found" error.

Thanks for posting all the details and the video. The detail in that document is really helpful for me. I recently bought two fairly strong (24kg/cm torque) servos, hoping that I could use them to help my Dagu Rover climb stairs, and your parts list and discusion of challenges gives me a pretty good idea of how well my servos will work. I also liked seeing your cost breakdown at the end of your document. Now I know that it's not just me - everybody's projects escalate in costs.

Did you do any testing in taller stairs? What's the highest stairs you could climb?

The maximum height it can climb is approx 1/2 the distance between the front and rear axle. The longer this distance then the higher it will climb. Max height in our case was approx 6". We tested on stair heights of 3, 4 ,6 and 8". The 8" was problematic because of arm length, space on the stair etc. We found that the robot needed to reach approx 1/2 the front to rear distance up the stair before we can use the arm to lift it. Anything before resulted in damage servos because of the stress/torque requirements. Also we didnt include damping in our arm so this also resulted in high impact forces reaching the servos. Hope this helps.

Yes, that helps a lot. Thanks! I'm wanting to climb 8" stairs, so it sounds like I've got a pretty big challenge ahead.

Well, wishing you all the best. If I can be of further assistance, feel free to ask.

Interesting and creative.  I love that you got this working so on the cheap.

Not sure how this would operate with other types of surfaces.  Also, many stairs have 1" lips so might be a problem with the Rover.  That would be interesting to see how it does against other stairs.

Thanks for sharing.



On the cheap you say. Lol