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This Start Here section includes robots and projects which are designed to help beginners get started in robotics. If you'd like to submit an idea for a new project to add to this page, we invite you to contact us and we'd be happy to take a look.

DFRobotShop Rover V2

The DFRobotShop Rover V2 – Arduino Compatible Tracked Robot (Basic Kit) is a versatile mobile robot tank based on the popular Arduino Uno USB Microcontroller Rev 3 microcontroller. The rover uses a twin motor gearbox and the Tamiya track and wheel set. The PCB incorporates a standard Arduino Uno, L293B motor driver, voltage regulator and prototyping area. The onboard voltage regulator allows the entire board to be powered using as little as 3.7V to ~9V.


Start Here Bot V2.0

This is the original "LMR Start Here" project. Although there are other "How to get started building robots" out there, this one focuses on getting you around everything extremely fast. You need no knowledge of ... anything, and you will learn everything. This is a bit more "do it yourself"



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i am in a robotics club in my school and its asoweme and y joined the robots peices are really expensive

OK, first off a disclaimer--i was a sociology major in college and the closest thing i have to engineering or STEM experience is my dad was an electrical engineer and i know how to program a vcr.

that said, my 8 year old has been showing a slight interest in robotics, programming, and snap circuits kits (those toys for kids that introduce electrical circuits to them). our mint robotic floor cleaner died and so i opened it up to try to strip it for parts.

1. is there anything worthwhile we can do with these parts?

2. i think the motor, which was what i was mainly shooting for, is in this plastic compartment attached to the wheels. i, for the life of me, can't get these compartments open to access the motor. there are no visible screws and when i try to pry the edges off to see if a panel will lift off, it doesn't budge. any ideas? i can post photos if that would be helpful. thanks so much!

The Mint motor is not the easiest to remove. You see the wheel cap with squares on the side? It needs to be turned slightly in order to be unlocked to get to the wheel. It can be turned by hand in some cases but, it is best done with a tool. What we did is printed squares of lexan and assembled them on a small base. We then insert the lexan squares into the wheel cover and turn it to unlock it.

If you have an older version, this video can also help https://youtu.be/4ULnAgbwhpM

Quite a few sensors in this robot also that can be used.

By the way, why not consider writing your questions in a new forum thread in order to obtain help?

This was super helpful. Sorry, I didn't realize I hadn't asked this in a new forum thread...Sorry!

Super. Glad it helped



i think what your prying apart is the main part of your future robot

i would take a look at the wires

figure out



left and right

and go from there

cool dads R cool


Just looking to build a robot and work with some innovators.

excorp.weebly.com let me know

Anyone has any spare Arduino Unos

techset on youtube! 

why would people give you there parts they might need them but you can get one, for five dollars or 4 for 20 dollars online ebay only. Everywhere else is like 30 buck which is bs so by them on ebay but most take a month from china find one in usa if you can on ebay look it up. from with in usa will take like one week!