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This Start Here section includes robots and projects which are designed to help beginners get started in robotics. If you'd like to submit an idea for a new project to add to this page, we invite you to contact us and we'd be happy to take a look.

DFRobotShop Rover V2

The DFRobotShop Rover V2 – Arduino Compatible Tracked Robot (Basic Kit) is a versatile mobile robot tank based on the popular Arduino Uno USB Microcontroller Rev 3 microcontroller. The rover uses a twin motor gearbox and the Tamiya track and wheel set. The PCB incorporates a standard Arduino Uno, L293B motor driver, voltage regulator and prototyping area. The onboard voltage regulator allows the entire board to be powered using as little as 3.7V to ~9V.


Start Here Bot V2.0

This is the original "LMR Start Here" project. Although there are other "How to get started building robots" out there, this one focuses on getting you around everything extremely fast. You need no knowledge of ... anything, and you will learn everything. This is a bit more "do it yourself"



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Any idea on how i can create electricity from a skateboard bearing and transfer it to 3 different button cell batteries which run to a USB plug? It has to be a compact design that goes on the sides of the bearing, not the top or bottom. Thank you!


Also, please supply a link to amazon where i can get the parts i need. Budget is 30$, preferably less.

it has been my dream to be a robortic but how to pursue was the actual problem... i think im on the good platform... anyway are there any video lessons to learn from


Can someone please help me on how to get the materials....  Any link or prescribe shop in Ghana

We're not aware of physical shops there, but you can certainly order online. It will all depend on what you want to buy.

First in a series of outdoor tests, evaluating my rovers capabilities:


A little history of my project:


I'm trying to construct a small Conveyor Belt System using timing belts to carry small plastic chips (3.5mm X 1.5mm) representing coal. I was hoping to use an MXL timing belt but at 4mm wide, this is too small. Any ideas on a suitable belt would be appreciated. There is no great torque requirement and I was hoping to use a Pololu Motor RB-Pol-62, so it is all moving rather slow.

can some tell me more about bipedal robot balance rcovery algorithms

Could someone please help me with my project please? I am having so many problems trying to code the Dagu Spider 48 servo. I am using HS-5645MG digital servos - 4 on each sides of the legs that has a hip, knee, ankle and foot on each leg. Hitec HS-311 servos are used for top of the body, shoulders, elbows, hands and one for the head. I am using Dagu Spider 48 Servo Control with a shield. All the links I've tried do not work from the Dagu site, so I am really stuck. All I need is how to start the code with one or two servos then how to keep adding servos until I reach 17. If I can get the legs moving for now with a walking gait, then I can hopefully go from there. I have a disability that restricts me but I have tried so hard, but I'm failing. I've tried various coding but I cannot get the speed right and adding servo control for more servos I'm finding difficult. I have read Arduino sweep etc, but I cannot add more servos without success. I'm not asking for someone to do the work for me, I just need a massive step in the right direction. My disability is really setting me back understanding how to do this properly. I have honestly tried on my own for two years now and the Arduino forum just seems to want to give people a hard time. I've got some good advice but I still cannot get started. Sorry everyone for going on - I would be so so grateful for help.

Hello there! I might be biting off way more than I can chew, but that's how it all starts isn't it? :) I am wanting to build a drummer robot similar to the one called Stick boy in the band compressorhead. I'd love to know where to start and what best to use. I'd love to be able to make him cheaply, possibly out of pvc, and easy to set up and program. Any help where to begin would be awesome. Thanks!!

Given the nature of the request, you're best to create a new forum post with details of what you would like to do. We're not aware of any step by step procedures to follow for such a robot, so you'll have to design, create, code and troubleshoot it yourself.