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Starting Point For Robotic Eyes

Hi there.

I would like to build a robot head with two eyes that move. I would like to put snake-cam's in each eye, and have the robot able to look around (ie: Following someone's face); and also to use the platform to build from there (ie: 3D object distance estimating, etc.)

I do realise that the above is a huge project, but I need to start somewhere :) To begin, I would like to build one eye that can move around and track a face.

Can anyone recommend software to control the above functions, with in mind that I am only beginning robotics.

Thank you for your time.

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Will let everyone here know how I go.

P.S. I like your profile pic! Looks like Dr Horrible :)

especially since the new Raspberry Pi Cam came out. I've been weighing people's successes with both the Pi and the Beaglebone Black and it seems both work pretty well. This guy has the facial recognition down with his Pi and Pi Cam. His Magic Mirror project is pretty cool too, even with the lag using a non-Pi camera.