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Stop burning speakers with your Picaxe chips

On Picaxe:

sound 1, (110,3)

is NOT a good idea, you should allways write

sound 1, (110,3) low 1

(you do not need line breaks, just write it as above)


Being used to burning things and changing rechargable batteries all the time, I did not really wonder that much that a tiny speaker or two has been fried while having fun with robots and Picaxe over time (mainly 28' these are the only ones this is tested on).

Now I am building a new robot that has a speaker underneath it.. Lifting it up from a test, I felt that the speaker was burning hot!!

Picaxe is leaving the port to "High" after the "Sound" command!!! So the speaker is just getting continious voltage after a "sound".

This means battery drain, and it means burnt speakers after a while, if your robot have just at any point made a small beep!

Crap, Picaxe! (But I still love you) - Must be a bug, no? Or some reason I don´t get??

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Could you put a small capacitor in series with the speaker to block the DC?  I don't know what value would be appropriate, though.

Sounds like making a brick wall in front of your teenage-son's car to stop him from drunk driving, no? Would it not be better to take the keys?

get me? :) (or is it me? I know no electronics, I admit!)

Thanks, Dave, hope someone (else?) can work this out :)

/ Frits

OOoohhh k-n-o-w-l-e-d-g-e! Thank you!!

/ Fritsl

6-7 months later: I never get to solder all them components, I just set the port low, as written in the original post. it works without problems!
picaxe_manual3.pdf shows a 10uF capacitor in sereies with a speaker, though the speaker says 40ohm i believe, and the one i yanked out of an old alarm clock radio says 16ohm, so.....we'll see. Looks like i gott make another trip to radioshack. Thanks frits!

No need - just make a habit out of making it

sound 1, (110,3) low 1