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T08A2 hexapod tank (from Ghost In The Shell)

Moves in like no hexapod has moved before :)

Ghost In The Shell movie left a long lasting impression on me. The tank from the final battle captivated my mind. It has such a rigid shape, but then moves in a very fluid way which makes it seem more like an animal, and then it becomes completely static making it purely mechanical again. Now I realise that this was something that I wanted to build for a long time and I just had to get it out of my system :) 


It took roughly ~250 hours of 3D printing time... and probably even more time for polishing using acetone, sand paper, files and putty. It is actuated by 28 servos and driven by 2 Raspberry Pi micro controllers with custom software for locomotion and animation. It has two lasers (serious, how can you have a robot with lazors?!!!:) It can be controlled by PS3 joystick, but it has some autonomy as well - it can track and follow faces.


You can find more photos, videos and info at http://gits-tank.com


Story (behind the scenes)

A collection of random photos from making of:

If anyone is interested there is a full story about making of the robot here: http://gits-tank.com/Story.php





  • 2x Raspberry Pi micro computers (1st for motion control, 2nd for face tracking)
  • 28x Servos (18 for legs, 4 for body, 6 for weapons)
  • 1x Camera (for face tracking)
  • 3x Servo drivers
  • 2x Lasers (how can you have a robot without lazors??!!! :))
  • 1x Distance sensor
  • 1x PS3 controller (or XBox controller when developing on Windows)


  • Custom engine with special gait algorithm, animation playback, IK, face tracking, etc.
  • Unity pipeline for converting animations and skeleton from 3D animation software into custom format.


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Amazing work!

Very very cool.

I can relate to the design and work involved in building something with so much 3D printing.  Great job.  Great execution.  It looks quite menacing.

I also agree bots should have lasers...all my bots do!


That is an awesome bot in many ways.

Haven't seen quality hexapod for while! Very good job from inside-out.