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3d printing

3D Print Vases in Under an Hour with your 3D Printer
Description So today in this tutorial I am going to explain how to 3D print a vase using Vase Mode also known as Spiralize in Cura with a Gcode based 3D printer. … Read more

What to sell?

Dear: LMR

I am letting you guys know I am thinking of starting a buisiness on etsy or shapeways. If I am going to make a buisness I was thinking it could be done with resin casted stuff that is done from a 3D printed object put in a mold. Would anyone have any preferences of what to sell? I am open to any even if I have to do some designing. Thanks!!!

From: Noah

Been working on a building a quad walker probably for a year now. What started of a coding project has now ended up with me learning how to 3d model and building a … Read more

Vex versus 3D Printer

I am just getting into robotics and was thinking of getting something to take my building to the next level. I don't have a lot of tools so the two things I was considering getting was a cheap 3D Printer or a Vex Protobot (http://www.vexrobotics.com/276-2231.html) because they don't require a lot of tools and look very cool for robotics. I was wondering if you guys had any pros or cons for the two options, I would really appreciate any input! Either way I would use an arduino as a controller.

CNC / 3D Printer alternative?

Hello all,
A dream of mine is to one day design and build a hexapod from scratch (isn't it everyone's?) from acrylic/MDF/similar.

3D printer for hobby robotics

I am getting into hobby robotics, and I am finding that I more and more am in need of the ability to create custom parts.

What would be a good 3D printer to buy (couple grand max cost), for creating parts such as: chassis, wheels, servo armatures and holders, gears, etc.

For me one of the most important things to be able to make would be my own custom gear trains.

What would be a good 3D printer, precise enough and using tough enough materials to great gears for robots on the size scale of a cat. Such as differential wheeled, hexapod, and quadrapod platforms?

Affordable 3D printer? (For small robotics)

Lately I've been getting frustrated with cutting, sanding and drilling wood. It takes lots of time and the quality is low. Im thinking a 3D printer is exactly what I need. Anything from the $300 to $500 range? Cheaper the better? 

Simply using a hand from an opensource robot called Inmoov and controlling it through the use of a glove and XBees. The full size robot of the hand can be found at InMoov.fr

(SOLVED) 3d printer extruder not extruding enough?

Dear: LMR

Hello guys just to let you know I have been running into an extruding problem. It is definetly not a clogged nozzle or extruder because I have more than checked for both. You see the 3d printer is not extruding enough. I have to put force on the filament down the extruder to get filament moving.

The possible problems are numerous. You should know that I bought a new hotend for my 3d printer. The 3d printer hotend ran into a problem and the resistor came loose. That probably would be a fire hazard if I didn't buy a new hotend.

Beware: Your 3D printer might be trying to kill you


Well, here is some scientific support (see attached pdf) to why your 3D printer might try to at very least harm you!

The study only incides over particle emission, and not the chemical nature of the emitted particles and yet it can be scary enough. That, added with my reported symptons after going on a 3D (ABS) printing binge: persistant chest pains/disconfort should be enough to keep you on your toes.


So you better ventilate/filtrate if you're into this messy business.

Thinking about building a Wallace.


I am thinking about building a Wallace Reprap.  Are there any others that have it?  Pros? Cons?

Thanks for any info!


Pandora, the Makibox (by Kariloy)

Well, as many of you know I've been waiting for my own very 3D printer kit for quite a while (almost 16 months). But finally, this past Wednesday (Feb, 5th 2014) I finally got it. If you want to read more about it's arrival you can check it here.

And if you fancy really poor quality videos and you see the initial unboxing here.

Sketchy businesses -- my 3D parts modelling log...

Well, currently there's not a day that goes by without me reading someone talking about 3D printing, 3D printers and whatnot. Also, I've been reading of how easy SketchUp is to work with, so given my failure to make anything of Blender around almost 10 years ago... I decided to give SketchUp a try.

Note: Newer designs are at the top (for chronological reading start at the bottom of the post)


02 - Second practical motivation:

Project Reprap Rostock Rosblog (Hopefully not ROSFLOP!)

Thought I would start a blog documenting my rostock build. Hopefully this will help some other noobs work out the minutae of a project involving so many disciplines!

Rostock Build Blog.


For years there have been many great versions of DIY desktop manufacturing tools, and one of the most fun to build (and watch while it prints) is the Rostock 3D printer, which uses delta kinematics to equate its motion. 

Requesting Info from 3D Printer Gurus

Hello LMRarians,

I can't wait any longer, I have to commit to get a 3D Printer.  
I have seen all the Printer Guru's create their own versions from RepRap or purchase Makerbot or other systems and create amazing parts.

I was wondering if I could get a summarised list of Pros & Cons from experts who have created or used these marvelous devices. 

Hopefully, someday soon I'll be able to join the Richard Gear family !

Getting Started with 3D Printing

LMR is a great place to work together, learn and build. When you put cool new tools and tech in the hands of the community here, we can make awesome new things! When I first started wanting to build a 3D printer in 2009, there honestly wasn't much documentation out there to learn from  like today, and lots of my questions were left to the Great Google. Here is an attempt to at least collect some info for those starting on the 3D printing path...

FreeBOT (work in progress)


FreeBOT - Is a Biped robot designed in Google Sketchup and printed out on a 3d print. My aim is to make it Free to everyone to print and improve. Since I can't afford a NAO.. this was the next best thing :-)

Opens and closes!
Using a
A robot hand that is completely printed in one piece (minus tendons). Available via shapeways. The tendons are bowden cables, constructed from monowire filament and … Read more

Design of 3D printed enclosure

We are currently working on the new version of our BeagleBoard-xM based robot. The main reason for redesign was the lack of wheel encoders which prevent us from developing more sophisticated navigation algorithms. That is why we decide to use Dagu Rover tracked chassis. However, not all our electronic could be fit in to the chassis, hence the need for additional enclosure on top of it.