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555 timer

Infrared sensor distance

Hi, I'm doing my final proyect and I'm having problems figuring out the infrared emitter. The problem is that the sensor has to have 10 meters range sensitivity. So the beam has to reach the object and come back. That's 20 meters. I'm doing the oscilation with a 555 in astable mode, to provide me 10KHz to 40Khz.

I've already tried the circuit with a IR Led I had, but the range is less than 10 meters.

Any clues about what can I do?

First blog post

I'm thinking this might be a better way to track what's going on with my bot (and me with robotics) rather then clutter up the bots page since not much of this is pertinent to the bot itself.  I am still working on it, and I have not disappeared... not that anyone would notice the new guy who never participates in anything leaving. :)

I recently got in a few parts to complete my smd soldering station and I would like to share my experience along with you. I found that I have started wanting … Read more

hello i want to know if my circuit would work in real life

im building a flashing heart for my girlfriend, im using a 555 chip and 7 LEDs

i have a circuit lay out from multisim it says it will work but i have my doubts 

 i wanted the potentiometer to change how fast the LEDS flash on  multisim  its always the same soo im not sure why 

im using 10 mm LEDs  

Signals when mail is delivered
Last winter my father asked me if I could make a mailbox sensor for him. That winter was long and cold with lots of snow and he found it frustrating to make his way … Read more

My first robot..........

So I've decided to build my first robot which not the LMR "start here" one (that one is going to be my second one) and im using this circuit- http://costaricabeam.solarbotics.net/Circuits/Vores/555%20Photovore.png . I've tried about 10 different designs for the body but its just not working. When i cover the left photocell with my hand and the other one is exposed to light the speed of the motors is the same and same with the right photocell. has anyone tried the circuit? did it work?

Can i control a servo with a 555 timer?


I would like to sweep a servo back and forth, and theres no point on using the arduino for this, and thats all i have at the moment, so if i supply 0v to the yellow wire on the servo(signal) and then supply it with 5v, then 0, then 5v again.... would it sweep the servo? or does it have to be modulated?



555 timer problem

Can anyone lend advice on this? I am needing a circuit that takes an input of 12 - 15VDC and gives an out put that switches between 0V/.7V to 0V/.9V at about 3.3 sec intervals. I don't know enough to design it, so I found the attached diagram. I can't get it to work. D1 LED should come on solid with power and D2 should blink at the high output pulses (about every 3.3 sec). Can anyone take a look and see if maybe the schematic is wrong? I can't even get the 1st LED to power....I have built it twice and quadruple checked solder points and paths...pulling out my hair!