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Walk, Push ups, Navigate with ultrasound
Using a
Update: 03 May 2016  [Added video of push-ups and sonar test]   ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone, I am … Read more

Palocell - 8 x 1100mAh AAA NiMH for under 6 quid!

Just come across these very cheap, high capacity AA and AAA NiMH cells on Amazon - 8 x 1100mAH AAA for under 6 quid delivered.  UK company - Worcester based, but I can't get much sense from their website ( http://www.palo.co.uk/ ).  I can't find any independent test data on them - The only promising link is a 404. Anybody had any experience with these? 


Power Screwdriver Motor

So I bought a few power screwdrivers for the main drive motors for my new robot project. I have started creating a rocker bogie suspension system out of PVC pipe. This suspension will require 6 drive motors. The power screwdrivers run on 4 AA batteries. So the motors are 6 volt. By browsing the interwebs I figured out that one AA battery supplies about 2.4A. So I figured that each motor would require 9.6A. But since I have 6 motors I would need 57.6A. This would require a huge SLA which would weigh about 20lbs and cost around $100.