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Kalman Filter: Asynchronous Sensor Fusion

Anyone know of a good tutorial on Fusing IMU and GPS data with a Kalman Filter?  I've been looking around, and all tutorials assume that the GPS and IMU measure at the same rate.  None explain how to take measureemnts from a 1Hz GPS reciever and fuse it with a 500Hz IMU board.

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self balance
Using a
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stabilizes a camera using an accelerometer and an attiny85
As a small proof of concept (stuborness about attiny tiny core capabilities) I made a small camera stabilizer using a Attiny85 and LSM303DLHC breakout board.  To … Read more

RF connection

  i would like to connect a accelerometer to a RF transmitter nd the RF receiver to my picaxe 28 board having picaxe 28X1micro  controller,.
 can anyone tell me how to connect the trasmitter to the accelerometer nd the receiver to picaxe.

I ws thinking of buying this RF transmitter nd receiver-http://probots.co.in/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=22&products_id=29 

position with compass and accelerometer

I'm doing a work to university.
I need to study diferents techniques of robot position.

motorcontroller board [FIXED]


I am trying to build a segway, I know how I am going to make it, but I have been struggling to get the motorcontroller to work for days now.

I attached an accelerometer and a motorcontroller to an arduino uno. When I tilt the accelerometer 2 indicatorlights on the motorcontroller change, so this signal must be right. But when I measure the voltage at the motor output I get only 10-60 mV.

I tried using more and using less Volt (5-15 V) on the m.c. board itself. (I attached it to an old model train transformator)

Please Help


Will run around autonomously and remote controlled, interacts with other robots (maybe)
Using a
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Navigate around, controlled by wireless tilt/accelerometer enabled controller
Using a
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Uses GPS, Compass, Gyro and Object Avoidence to Navigate
Using a
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Help me choosing materials/components for my robot

Hello, i need to make a two wheel self balancing robot , like this one: https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/19558 .

I need help about components:

1) about microprocessor i saw Arduino UNO and Ardquino NANO ,nano is more expensive, there is real difference about this two controllers???

2) Gyroscope i have already - ADXRS610Z

Razor IMU - 9 Degrees of Freedom - Has anyone used it?

Hello People

I wonder if anyone has any experiance with the Razor IMU with 9 Degrees of Freedom from sparkfun. Is is value for money?

I have found one here http://proto-pic.co.uk/9-degrees-of-freedom-razor-imu-ahrs-compatible/ at what seems a very reasonable price as far as UK prices are concerned (£72 + 6 shipping). Some places are mad expensive, up to almost £120...

dead reckoning algorithms / solutions

Hello All

Me again, flogging a (hopefully not) dead horse.

I wonder if anyone can provide links/guidance/code/insight into dead reckoning programming using the various (relatively) low cost components available to us.

I am thinking of things such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnometers etc. At this point I am excluding wheel encoders (since my vehicle is tracked and suffers from slipping tracks) or any form of external input such as beacons or gps etc.

Accelerometer as a Inclination (pitch) sensor

Hello everybody!

I'm an robotics hobbist an I'm planning to put some sensors and a microcontroller to a RC Car to log some status data.

First sensing will be reading pitch angle when RC car is running uphill and downhil using a 3-axis accelerometer. I've read some documentation on how to do this and a little bit confused, my question is:

How to convert accelerometer values to angles when RC Car is moving? I'm only interested in inclination angle, pitch.


Thanks in advance!

Homebrew tilt compensation?

Honeywell's datasheet on the HMC6343 compass states that tilt compensation is made using data from a built-in three axis accelerometer. I thought that a cheaper three-axis magnetometer- accelerometer combination is much more reasonable for small scale projects, so my question is: What kind of calculations do I need to perform to get a decent degree of accuracy?


ADXL335 vs MMA7260QT

Is the ADXL335 accelerometer better (faster, more precise, less noisy...) than the MMA7260QT sensor?

The ADXL335 based solution at my local robot shop is slightly more expensive, and judging from the product description it's "the holy grail". The MMA7260QT BoB on the other hand has a build in voltage regulator so it's usable with 5V which could come in handy. Though I'm primarily going to use it with an Arduino which seems to be able to provide 3.3V so that might not be a problem either way.

The Accel_Gyro Board represents a 5DOF Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), capable of measuring acceleration on all 3-axis as well as measuring rotation rate around … Read more

The journey of the "Three Axis Low-g Digital Output Accelerometer"


Today FedEx came to knock to my door...And here it is! My three axis accellerometer!

Indeed, I forgot that I asked it as a sample a few months ago. It has made a looooong journey to come to me (from YUEN LONG, to be exact):


So this is package that i received:

Balance itself and explore
Using a
Who doesn't want one? I want a mini autonomous segway! It started with a garage sale. I came across a guy selling a lot of old school digital Vernier lab tools. I … Read more

Wicked motion/location sensor

Not cheap, no howto, just a commercial product. But great inspiration.

Accelerometers, PWM vs. analog?

While looking through the Components section, I came across the accelerometers Fritsl and BaseOverApex posted.