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Arduino Duemilanove

Avoids obstacles primarily but You'll have to watch the video to find out more
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navigates around via ultrasound sensor
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Ok, here I am and introduce you the Beetleduino Wall Racer. Components: 1x RC toy car1x Arduino Duemilanove2x SR-04 ultra sound sensorsome wire1-2x additional … Read more

Arduino Bot has a mind of its own??

    My bot seems to have a mind of its own. code seems to be working but at times it react to an object thats not there??? its set to find a better path after coming within 30 cm of an object but sometimes theres nothing there and it looks for a better path? can this be from the ping returning false values, or i think it might be from the 9v battery draining quickly. Any ideas?? Thanks oh, I'm using Arduiino Duemilanove. Code is attached


hi i have got a ping sensor , arduino duemilanove and a motor h bridge how ever i need help programming i need the sensor to tell the motor to turn when it gets too close say 5cm close to a object

thanks for all the help


Arduino Duemilanove

I see some robots with the Arduino Duemilanove, is that a good board?

Arduino servo twitching

Servo twitching. I know, simple stuff, but it's interesting to play with on new hardware. Another Arduino example "sketch" (they got a number of these) called Sweep simply moves a servo through a set range, back and forth. Just looking at the sketch (listed at bottom) this timeshows a servo controlsignla connected to pin 9. They recommend using the boards 5 volts to power the servo, which is coming from the USB connection. If I'd had a bigger servo, or was under load, it might be appraoching the 500 mA USB limit (or is it more now?).

Blinking an LED in about 5 to 10 minutes

Earlier today got a FedEx delivery of a MakerShed order placed last week. Toys!


 One particular toy was a new Arduino Duemilanove. Had to see what made the Arduino popular.