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arduino uno

Description This is my robot so far. It is a Runt Rover I bought yesterday at a place in Mass. known as "You Do It Electronics" and I have assembled and soldered … Read more
This project is about implementing a short and relatively easy Arduino sketch to provide XYZ inverse kinematic positioning. I had built a 6 servo robotic arm but … Read more
Walk around and stalk cats?
Using a
                So for my final year project, I decided to do a Hexapod platform. Started out as an obsession and ended up as a money gobbling monster. (You … Read more
Head follows movement based on 4 PIR sensors
Using a
Updated: Mar 31,2014 - modified program to use PIR only once per HIGH state. I wanted to make a motion tracker originally using sound sensors but that was too much … Read more
Drives around avoiding obstacles with utrasonic
Using a
I used to have one of these when I was a kid,so when I saw one online cheap I thought I would get it. When it arrived i found that it was one of the new type ones. … Read more
Obstacle avoidance and streaming video (someday soon)
http://pinkypibot.blogspot.com/ Here is a link to my blog that has a lot of project details. Current code available as txt files Arduino and Python.  UPDATE … Read more

arduino and kinect!

Hello guys,

I have built a set of devices (input and output) where a kinect scans the motion of an object and feeds with data 64 servos, using a servo driver shield (http://www.adafruit.com/products/815), an arduino uno and processing.

The probelm is that I am having some kind of overflow and thus I am using a 3s delay to make servos work the right way! I haven't found out yet if the problem is caused by the serial communication or the processor of arduino...

moves objects from zones to other zones while mapping its environment with ultrasound
Using a
BEN: Bright Enough to Navigate This robot will be a continuation and an improvement on my first robot, EDWARD … Read more

My First Bot - SUMBA

Hi everyone, im new to robot building and this will be my first robot, i do not have any materials for it yet i only have the completed code and a deadline of 4 weeks because of it being a school project aswell as a new hobby.


Avoids Obstacles and Light..
Using a
Phil Is Made of very light weight aluminum, milled to a 8x9 body and a max height of 6 inches. I prefer to use servos as his means of movement for the main reason … Read more
Seek's out darkness while avoiding obstacles.
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This is my second robot.  My son found some online bit pricey tho. And of course me being a PLC guy decided hey i will build my own.( what a learning expirience). … Read more

how to control 64 servos with arduino?

Hello everyone.

I am working on a project where I am planning to use 64 servos that track the motion of a mouse and they operate according to the x and y position. Until now I have made a sample with 8 servos in a row, and using Processing I am feeding with data my arduino uno. However, going to 64 servos looks scary to me. Do I have to use 2x arduino uno + 2x 32 servo shield or should I switch to arduino mega? Is there any other alternative?

Here is a 32 servo shield that I have found: http://www.ecrater.co.uk/p/15329910/arduino-sensor-shield-v50-expansion?gps=1

Will run around autonomously and remote controlled, interacts with other robots (maybe)
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     Hello all you guys. It's been some time I'm thinking about of build a kind of interactive robot (something like a butler, service robot). Recently I saw … Read more

Controlling servos using processing and standard firmata

I am working on a biped robot that I am running using Processing and servo firmata on an arduino uno.  This works fine and I have a decent walking gait.  I would like to include an accelerometer into the robot to give the robot more stability.  So I decided to switch over to standard firmata on the arduino so I can use the i/o.  The problem is that with the standard firmata none of the servos work eventhough the servo library is still included in the standard firmata.  

Expands PWM outputs for servo control
     Those who intend to build a more complex project (in this case I mean with more DOFs, like a hexapod, biped humanoid and others) may find dificulties if … Read more

Microcontroller + Motor Controller


Now that I am done seeking new Discoveries...

I just Realized that I really need to Change a little bit on my new Project

Imagination is UNLIMITED but Reality is Limited nowadays

As Usual I'm here Again to ASK QUESTIONs and BEG for your Kindness HELP

May all your Answers are very useful

Here we Go my Questions are

1st Question :: I use Arduino UNO and a Quad Motor Controller to control my 4X DC geared Motors. Do have any Idea what are the Possible Problems that I might encounter...?

Object avoidance with the Ultrasonic sensor

I am making a robot using arduino and i need an easy object avoidance code

Here is what i found:



#include "URMSerial.h"


#include <Servo.h>

Servo lservo;

Servo rservo;

// The measurement we're taking

#define DISTANCE 1


#define ERROR 3

#define NOTREADY 4


int ledPin = 13; 

URMSerial urm;


void setup() {

  Serial.begin(9600); // Sets the baud rate to 9600

confused about how to drive a rc car using arduino

hi folks, I am trying to build an autonomous car by attaching my arduino uno r3  to my rc car. Please pardon me if there are certain stuff I don't understand as my electronics knowledge has long vaporised since my education days and im starting from zero again.

In particular, i'm using this guide http://www.instructables.com/id/Autonomous-Control-of-RC-Car-Using-Arduino/?ALLSTEPS as my RC car is also using a RX-2B chip.

Obstacle avoidance, smells good & won't sweat!
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This is BrutBot. He is my first robot and is based on the Arduino UNO with the Adafruit motor shield and a Parallax ping))) sensor.  I started with a "start here" … Read more
     This project is an attempt to make a low scale humanoid biped utilizing as controller an Arduino UNO and nothing more. The actuators will be 12x servo motor … Read more

OHNOES I fried something!

Hi guys, 


Sooo, I've fried something, and I'm not sure what it is or how I did it! 

Can anyone enlighten me?

I've stared at the schematic provided by arduino but I can't make sense of it..

Picture of the board below, I've fried the little black component behind the power plug..

Moobot Update 3, Oct. 1, 2012 (Version 1.12) I'm waiting on a mail order for a bunch of the electronics that will go into OddBot's motor controllers, but in the … Read more
07/08/2012 So here's my first attempt to build something that resembles a robot, this is just, let's say a pre-alpha version, as it's controlled via a simple Visual … Read more

Router bot

hey guys,

I trying to build a router bot.the thing i have are:-

ardiuno uno

ardiuno ethernet shield

ip camera

belkin router.

do i need any thing else to control my router bot from internet . i want to be able to control my bot from any where in the world through internet...(without hacking the router)

how do i do it?

do i have everything required? 

i dont understand how i can acess my router on the robot throut internet on a different area..?can any body please explain ??

Power on Arduino UNO

Well, I am making a 4 legged robot, this one https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/31902. I have already written the code for moving forward, even that I am still expecting some parts. The code works well, the servos are moving well, but just with the power source by the computer, via the cable USB. When I put a battery, it doesn't work at all. Could you suggest something that couldn't work well?? I checked the connections, they are all well. The battery is 9V and there are 12 servos branched at the Arduino UNO.

U7 got fried for some reason :(

I just got my Dagu 4 Channel Motor Controller, already a small part gave some smoke and one motor channel is not working anymore.

All four wheels were turning at the same time before the channel4 got fried.


  VCC to Arduino 5V

4 PWM on the motor controller to 4 PWMs on the Arduino uno.

Object Avoidance Robot
Using a
Hello, finally I have finished my first robot, I named it "TurtleDuino"  (you'll see why?).     Read more

Dagu Rover 5 & Arduino Uno /Help

Hello everyone.

I'm trying to make a robot for experimentation, something i can use in my studies aswell. I'm studying Electronics & Computer engeneering, first year, and i want a platform that i can improve in the years to come. 

I started playing around with LEDs and an arduino some time ago, this week i bought a Dagu Rover 5 with 4 motors and 4 encoders. The problem is i don't have the 4 channel DC motor controller.