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Steve Grand’s "Creatures" Neurons simulated on Arduino Uno

Hey everyone, it’s me again.

So today I’ve been working on a project: recreating Steve Grand’s artificial neural networks from the old “Creatures” games on Arduino. Why, you ask?

AI and the theory of Connectivity

Big news, everyone!

According to the following article, intelligence could originate from a very simple algorithm:


I'll have to look into the theory of Connectivity some more. I'll bet our AIs could definitely benefit from this if it's true.

Do computers/robots actually "think"?

Hi everyone! I just wanted to have a discussion (for fun) about whether or not "true" AI (not necessarily general) exists in any form. Hopefully it'll get our brain juices flowing and we'll get cool ideas! To start, let me say that I am aware my idea is quite radical- ridiculous-sounding, even. But it's something I've been wondering about, regardless. What if AI (albeit not quite general) already exists? I have thought to myself, "Computers and robots already 'think,' but in a way unrecognizable by humans.

RaspberryPi - powered talking robot using Cleverbot (Idea)

I just got this awesome idea: https://code.google.com/p/pycleverbot/

I've also seen a library for speech recognition somewhere...

'Nuff said.

Considering I can hook up both a mic and a speaker, this should be awesome!

Oh and a WiFi dongle/ethernet cable.