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[SOLVED] Arduino ATTiny85 does not blink LED. Programmed with Arduino nano



I have an ATTiny85 and I want to start with the blink LED sketch but it does not work. Attached is the wiring:

ATTiny85 does not blink

I followed these instructions: http://forums.4fips.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1080 for wiring, burn both bootloader and LED blink sketch with an Arduino nano as programmer (excepting I'm using 1.8.1 nightly Arduino IDE), and everything looks like going fine:


stabilizes a camera using an accelerometer and an attiny85
As a small proof of concept (stuborness about attiny tiny core capabilities) I made a small camera stabilizer using a Attiny85 and LSM303DLHC breakout board.  To … Read more

Some presents are on it's way....

I am waiting to get some presents in the mail for some future projects...



ATtiny servo control


After a brief discussion with fellow LMR member Maxhirez, about his Hedwig robot,
it seems as though there isn't much support for servos in the ATtiny family of
microcontrollers. After fighting with the 8-bit servo library I found HERE that was
supposed to make it as easy as a standard Arduino to add servos to an ATTiny project,

Attiny-Duino or whatever?

Hi geeks ;-)

I am thinking about to shrink some of my projects. That's the deal. I am planning to build a Attiny-Duino.

What would you think about it's usage? For myself I would use it in the Insect bot to reduce the weight, costs and power comsumption.

UPDATE June 8 2012:

My first PCB since 1988 and I will call it AT-LUMI-TINY ;-) This board is still far from perfect (see the jumper wires) but it's my first 1-layer board created on the computer. 

attiny85 h-bridge ldr robot

I have an idea for making an simple robot. Maybe solar powered... doesnt have to be...

I have an ATTiny85, an h-bridge from an arduino motorshield (L293D, I think) and some LDR sensors and some 3V-6V motors.

My question is, can I somehow put them all together to make a simple robot? If so, do I need anything else, besides simple resistors and capacitors? Or am I missing something?

Update 3-25-2012: So I used this simple code to program the ATtiny using the Arduino as ISP


void setup() {                


May I introduce myself, I am TinySpider. I was build a couple of days ago after my creator got some ATTiny and needed to try them out. I was inspired by this  http://www.instructables.com/id/Computer-Bugs-Additional-Ideas-Tips-Tricks/step15/4-Spider/  

Basically I am a bare ATTiny85 some copper wire, two LED's and one 3.7V/50mAh LiPo battery.