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beginners project

where to begin?

Hello I am totally new at this I am 21 in engineering (so a relatively smart person) but I want to get into this hobby.

My end goal is to make a robot like off of battle bots or something like that. I have no idea where to begin, what would you guys suggest (preferably R/C controlled)

Thanks for the help in advanced

Yet another ambitious beginner robot project

I'm planning of building a small Arduino-based robot, but it seems there is a lot for me to learn. I'd be grateful of comments from more experienced and knowledgeable people. I consider myself an absolute beginner on electronics front, though I do know some of the basic electrical components and connections. I'll start with some questions.

Navigate around via ultrasound
Using a
  This is my first robot using Arduino.It is really easy to make a robot using an arduino. As it was my first robot.It was fun to play with it.I would also like to … Read more
basic obstacle avoidance, two LEDs blinking and otherwise,
Using a
*Complete* is not really the correct word for it.  While trying to set up the four pins with screw terminals on my high power project board, my buddy and I managed … Read more

The Beginnings of My 1st Robot - Bigtrak Jr hack

This is my first attemp to step into a world that has interested me for years.

NOTE: If anybody see's something I've done wrong or could do better please let me know. I'm here to Learn :-)

I have a very limited knowledge of electronics, an OK understanding of programming, Not much spare time, Alot of enthusiasm and google as a teacher. Hence I landed here at LMR, Such a wealth of knowledge is contained in these pages that actually got me started!

So... Finally having some spare cash, I did my best at buying parts I though I could use.

How to find what parts to use for my robot???

I am a 12th std student and so don't know how to make the inside of a robot, which I am making to take part in my schools annual robo-wars competetion. If i post the design and purpose of my robot ,is there any chance that you can please help me? 

light seeking,chaos,against obstacle
Using a
the beam ant v1 is a bare bone version.I use very sensitive photo diodes to make the bridge.it show some unbelievable behaviors. the v2 is a heavy duty … Read more

project in robots

i want to do project in ROBOT.i need some help guide me with basics

Some more unusual servo reactions in "start here" robot *FIXED*

I put together the "start here" robot and it worked perfectly, I then put together a chassis (foamcore, glue gun and thick wire), added a switch to turn it on/off and added a LED so it could communicate a few things and help debug. All this worked well but then I turned it on again and now the servo is acting completely erraticaly. In the "whichway" subroutine it now only looks left and then proceeds to move forward. Every time.

My First LMR Blog... first blog ever?

So Im new here...

I have already started my first robot. And as soon as I have got it together to a some what more presentable state I will submit it as a project :)

When deciding what to create as my first robot, I looked at the beginners stuff and thought I could do that, but I still want to be diffrent which is why I am building a 3 legged walker. I'll Hopefully upload a video or two with some photos in the next few hours.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

Large Solenoid Actuator driven Display

Hello, I am new to this site so I hope you won’t mind if I ask a few questions that I am sure are going to sound quite amateurish to most of you. 

I am an American living in Berlin working on a collaboration between two art research institutes here.  I have been given the task of putting together a proposal for a dynamic moving display. That will be featured next year as part of a conference on kinesthesia. 

My first project, lawnmower...



Im new to this forum, and new to robotics in general. The same could be said abou my knowledge about microprocessors and programming language (other than .html notepad stuff).
 I have some basic knowledge about electronics, but nothing worth braging about.

But, i have been thinking about starting on a new project soon (I'm currently in the finishing stages of a little cnc project i have for cutting out rc airplane foamies...) which i would like to start this fall, and hopefully be done with before next summer.

Drive around via Remote control and pick stuff up
Yeah... I just got a wireless transmitter and receiver, along with two servos. Being 14 years old, i will have to wait about two weeks before i can buy anything … Read more
This is Part II of How to build your first robot - tutorial. you can just take the cool navigation-code in here and have fun with it, or you can follow the whole … Read more
Learn how to make a robot, no skills needed, very, very easy.
Using a
If you have purchased an "Instant Robot" shield, you can find a project using that shield here.If you prefer the instructions in a single PDF, Dominic / Servello … Read more