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connecting c bracket to servo

Hi im kinda new to useing brackets for servos on my robots and i cant seem to figer out how i connect a servo to a cbracket . The servos i have dont have a rod sticking out the other side like some others do it just is a normal servo . so any help connecting a servo to a servo cbracket would be greatly appresiated thank you

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Need a primer on servo brackets. Which to use when how and where?

Hello. There are so many servo brackets out there and very few clear pictures of how they all connect. Well maybe their are tons, but I can only ever seem to find them from the side the gear is on. I'd really love to see some sort of diagram or example of how servo brackets are attached onto servo's to achieve specific types of movement.

For example two servo's, connected together for a pan and tilt head. What type of brackets would I need. How would they fit together? I'd rather not use tape or glue.

Thanks for your time.

Shelf pins or thingies?

A rather odd question. I trying to make my own (servo) brackets by cutting pieces from CDs. That works pretty well. The problem is getting them attached in 90 degree angles. I believe what I'm looking for is called shelf pins. But I'm not sure. Here are some pics of what I'm looking for:


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