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3/23/18- Big update. First of all, I had 3D printed a custom chassis that ended up being too small for hardmouse's leg design. This meant that to preserve my print … Read more

arduino error needs solution to make its programmer happy

hello everybody!,

need help with my  arduino...whenever i try to upload the code, this comes to the screen

"avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00"

 i tried with the reset button , the ports are ok and i have the right programmer and board selected, but....,the error still goes on!

please help!!!

This is my Lumi bug. I was poking aroung looking at my favorite robotsand I though hmmmI have all these parts already and should take advantage of Hurricane Sandy's … Read more

Arduino stops uploading


Can anyone verify for me, that trying to upload a program to Arduino MEGA or maybe any Arduino, the upload stops if the code contains a constant string including !!! ?

like this small one will fail:

// Upload will never end
void setup() {
  String A = "!!!";

void loop() {


this one will finish:

// Upload will finish
void setup() {
String A = "aaa";

void loop() {


Yesterday I finetuned the code for ladybug independent moves. I excluded the IR TV remote controll functionality because infrain function on 08M is somehow … Read more
Test bed for a 6 legged, 3 servo walker.
Using a
I was so impressed by the video of the Pololu hexapod walker I thought I'd have a go at one of my own.  This is a rebuild of my initial attempt using a PicAxe … Read more

The new Picaxe bug?

Consider this test code for Picaxe.

high 5
for w0 = 1 to 65535 next w0
high 6
for w0 = 0 to 65535 next w0
high 7

Please feed it to your Picaxe, whatever breed. Change the directive #picaxe.... accordingly or remove it. The directive #no_data just speeds up the program load.

Now tell me, how long does it take for the ports to go high (for the LEDs to light up)?

The Pulse - 2009w02

LMR on the Brain
Sensing the living LMR community since 2008w43.

"Danger Will Robinson!"

Now what is that I'm reading? This one robot got destroyed in a fire? And its Infra Red sensor was tested following what kind of IR emitter?! Maybe use an LED next time...

Picaxe 28X1 firmware A.4 has a bug, get a replacement.

As discovered by members of LMR, there is a bug in one version of one kind of Picaxe.

Phil and Limpa described their problems in two different nodes on the site. This thread aims to bring all info together, so we can write a walk through about it.


Phil wrote:


Recognising Buggy Version: