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merry christmas to all

special congrats to Fritz and familly for the futur baby

Wishes Merry Christmas by waiving hands to passers by
Using a
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Christmas mini project.

Well i have an idea in my mind about a mini christmas project but i dont know how to make it.

The idea.

It will be an arduino with a buzzer ,a small lcd display (16x2 probably) ,a big red push button and some red leds.

What this thing is going to do ?

Every time you connect it to your pc though usb port and you push the red button it will tell you how many

days , months,minutes ,etc are left for the christmas eve ,new years eve .

Christmas Presents

What was the best present you got this year? post it here so we can all see and show off to others what we got for christmas.

Xmas Lights Tester

So, you accidentally stick a regular clear bulb in your Christmas lights (fairy lights [US] ?) instead of a fuse bulb. Next time there's a bit of a surge, there's no discernable weak point in your circuit and it takes out more than one bulb. Where do you start debugging that?

Sure, you could sit with a multimeter and probe all the bulbs to find the duff ones. Have you ever tried to attach multimeter probes to a fairy light bulb?!?! It's a nightmare. Specially when you only have 8 fingers and two thumbs.