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Where do I connect it?

I have an old droid eris and a RAD 2.0, I want to somehow conenct the droid to the motherboard of the RAD by soldering the end of it's usb connection cable but I am not sure where to do this. I have searched the web for a schematic but have been unable to find one. Any advice or resources are welcome. 

connect picaxe / computer / internet - budget solution ?


am a newbee to picaxe working with mac soft- and hardware

& i spent a a lot of  time looking for the following:



Need a primer on servo brackets. Which to use when how and where?

Hello. There are so many servo brackets out there and very few clear pictures of how they all connect. Well maybe their are tons, but I can only ever seem to find them from the side the gear is on. I'd really love to see some sort of diagram or example of how servo brackets are attached onto servo's to achieve specific types of movement.

For example two servo's, connected together for a pan and tilt head. What type of brackets would I need. How would they fit together? I'd rather not use tape or glue.

Thanks for your time.

My mac recognizes the usb cord as a modem, cant connect picaxe.

Hello all. I was wondering if anybody could tell me how i could connect to my robot? I have built everything, and downloaded the axepad for the intel based mac as well as the usb driver, when i restarted my computer and went to my network under system preferences, the computer recognized the usb as some sort of modem

it gave me the following configuration options.

Telephone number:

Account number: