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Dagu Motor Controller

Raspberry Pi Dagu Rover 5 4WD driving issue

Hi there,

I'm very new to robotics & I'm having an issue getting the Rover Wheels to spin properly. I've been able to get it to turn only in 1 direction, but only 1 channel at a time. When I attempt more than 1 channel, either they both slow down drastically or 1 stops turning while the other spins very slowly. (I guess this is a sign of power drain)

Below are a list of the parts that I'm using:

Dagu Robot Chassis Steering

Problems with the steering. It's too tight. The motor won't even turn. My model has 3 flat spurrs set up in the steering. 1 for the feedback pot and one for the turning axis, and 1 for the motor. When they are linked together it gets too tight and the motor tries to spin, but it can't.

Do I need to return it and get another one..

Do I need to have replacement parts sent to me....

Should I send it back and get a different car to map with my Micro Magician Motor controller....

Is there anyway to troubleshoot this issue and make it work without sending it back?