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dagu rover 5

Raspberry Pi Dagu Rover 5 4WD driving issue

Hi there,

I'm very new to robotics & I'm having an issue getting the Rover Wheels to spin properly. I've been able to get it to turn only in 1 direction, but only 1 channel at a time. When I attempt more than 1 channel, either they both slow down drastically or 1 stops turning while the other spins very slowly. (I guess this is a sign of power drain)

Below are a list of the parts that I'm using:

Dagu 4 chanell motor controler, how to connect

Hi all,

I have Rpaspberry Pi, Dagu 4 chanell motor controller anda Dagu Rover 5 and I want to make a robot. :)
I read many articles about all of this components but to me isn't clear yet how to connect motor controller to other components. On motor controller I have on one side 4 pins for each chanel. On PWM pin I will connect PWM signal generated from RPi? On dir pin I will connect direction signal generated also from RPi? GND pin on each chanel I will connect to GND of battery supply? Where to connect current pin? Which serve this pin?

Arduino Mega 2560, Dagu Rover 5, and Dagu 4 channel motor controller

I have a Dagu Rover 5 (4wd), a Dagu 4 channel motor controller, and an Arduino Mega 2560. I am looking for a simple image showing the wiring and a default sketch. I would like to make my robot mobile, but have been running into a wall as far as setting up the Rover 5 to be controlled by the Arduino Mega (dealing with the encoder data, etc.). Any help and input would be much appreciated!

Rover 5 wiring

I have just purchased a Rover 5 with 4 motors, and intend to put a lipo battery across the the middle (between the 2 sides).

There are 4 black sheathed 'somethings' in the bottom, and I want to put a small polycarb cover over them to rest the battery on.

Do these 'somethings' get hot or should they be alright covered.

Thanks in advance for any info.


Dagu rover 5 power supply

Hi, I have already made the start here robot and I am now moving this idea onto the dagu rover 5 robot chassis. When I turn the robot on it moves very slowly I think this is because the motors are designed for 5-7 volts and the 3 AA baterries are just under 5 volts and that there are 4 motors to power. If I use the 6 AA battery holder that comes with the chassis I am guessing I will need to use resistors so that the sharpe IR sensor recieves the correct voltage and not way too much. However, I do not know where to conect the resistors on my picaxe 28 project board.

tracked robot

We are building a tracked robot based on the dagu rover 5, With as brains the BASIC STAMP 2.

We need some help with the command lines to get the thing moving.

We have tried several commands like pulsout pwm, But due to a faulty driver board got three channels running fourth channel the board started smoking got repleasement board in now, But are very hessitant to start testing again with more smoke.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Joep and Jean