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DC Motors

Draws jittery lines and picks up things
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Control DC motors with a Grove H-Bridge and DynamixShield

I just uploaded a new video tutorial on how to use the Grove dual H-Bridge module with the DynamixShield and an Arduino Due to control DC motors. 

Grove H-Bridge with DynamixShield

PROJECT CONTINUED! So I found a motor from a toy. Works fine. The same speed as the other. But I still have the problem with the whole robot turning. I'll post a … Read more

how to get wheel velocity

Hi guys,

I am taking "control of mobile robots" course on coursera and is pretty intrigued in building a 2 wheel robot car. One of the issues was the control of the 2 wheel velocities here.

So far, I've got a Uno and bought the magician chassis from sparkfun. It provides 2 dc motors. May I know using the dc motors, is it sufficient to be able to know and  control the individual wheel velocities? 

Yet another h-bridge question

I've been reading a lot about h-bridges, but I can't seem to find specifically what I need. I have a toy that I am hacking, and it contains two small DC motors. The toy is powered by a single AAA battery, and the motors receive almost the full supply voltage when they are turning (difference is about 0.02V). Their resistance is 2.6 Ohms, for a stall current of about  0.58 amps.

Who can help an absolute beginner connect a motor? :)


I'm supposed to do a project for school (a design project - not programming)

And I'm stuck on the silly simple things - that should be simple ....but aren't yet for me. 

I hope you can help me with that. 


So, I have an Arduino, a motor (6-14V), a orange thingy (yebb, that's how much newbie I am!!!) and some batteries. 

But how do I connect it all without frying the arduino? :D

I've seen many "how-to's", but they all have breadboards. 


Can you help me?

Psx Library and dc motors, possible power issue?

Hi everyone! First let me just say I love this site.It's an enormous wealth of information for an enthusiast like me. I have a few concerns with a project I am working on and would love a little input.