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Once a CD Drive, now a scanner
I created this scanner after working with it, either directly or indirectly (I mean I had to learn how to use Stepper motors, program in the Processing software, … Read more
Moves a vehicle forward, back, left, and right; teaches about gimbals
All my projects & progress are available at marginallyclever.com. about They were first researched in 1938. Curtis Boirum built one that got on Hackaday. Now … Read more

Differential steering on a 4WD platform

Just a quick question: is differential drive achievable with a 4WD platform? It's an outdoor robot (half a meter in both width and length) and the tires are probably going to be rubber ones. The wheels will be fairly close but I'm still afraid the grip from the tires will be too much. On the other hand I don't want to invest in a complicated drive system.

What can I get away with in bearings?

I'm in the process of building up a drive system from scratch around a couple of high-torque NEMA 17 steppers.  The idea was to use a small V-Belt drive to provide a boost in torque so I could use larger wheels and get up off the floor a bit.  I have a 4:1 reduction going with an intermediate pully in addion to the drive and wheel pulleys.  I'm machining all the parts myself and have the pulleys made.  I wanted the ends of the wheel and intermeadiate pulley to hang free.  Looking at bearings it's become clear that even cheap ones if doubled up on the fixed end of ea

Joystick controlled vehicle drive system with independing wheels.

The idea that finally got me back into robot building. Or at least design using electroics.

The premise is to create a new drive system for a vehicle. I want to start small at first, then grow larger up to person carrying abilities. I have a lot of previous experience creating glorified RC cars for "robot" competisions, so I'm not trying to do anything autonomous, or even remote controled.

Gastropods - A silly Idea ??

Just about every method of locomotion in the animal world has been mimicked in robotics. I've seen Fish, hexapods, ornithopters, octopods, synthetic trunks and tentacles, bipeds, even monopods, tripods, milipedes, frogs and snakes

Yet for reasons that I guess in the main are obvious, (but when did obvious inutility ever stop us !) One entire taxonomic group has been missed out of the "robots mimicking nature stakes", and not a minor one either!

Drive system

Hi guys!

In my everlasting search for... well, basically anything interesting on the interweb, I've come across the RD02 drive system. This is a pretty powerfull motorcontroller, packaged with 2 encoded motors.

Some random features are:

Routerbot (Without hacking the router)

I am intending to build a routerbot. This is my design idea. This is my first major robot so please comment and suggest if even the slightest urge arises.

I will call the robot flat friday.

Design brief so far...

What I want the chassis to look like (minus the gun)

What I want the chassis to look like (minus the gun)


My inspiration for the robot.


Silent (veryquietatbest) drive system for robots?

Hi folks, i'm looking for a silent or quiet drive system for my robot.

It is just a wheeled device at the moment.

I'v ordered a tamiya track and wheel set which won't arrive for a few days, and

i was wondering if anyone could tell me how quiet it is without the motors,  ie does it squeak and rattle etc.


i'm pretty sure the tamiya motors i'v ordered with it will make some noise as they are geared down.


researching this site i came across Gareth's first robot (initially mistaken for spam :)


Hey guys, I have a question for you. I see many of you guys using the track and wheel set from Tamiya (http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=321) that is special built to be compatible with their dual geared motors. For such a cheap price you get a very versatile tread kit that allows endless combinations of tread length and design, however, it seems what's gained in inexpense, is lost in quality.

8.Dez Hello,   Thats Me: Yes, now i am here. I am from Switzerland (I speak German) and I'm 15 years old. I like all things with Robots, Electronic and … Read more