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Easy Radio

serial communication on picaxe

i have been looking to do something with the easy radio module (forgive me if i do not use the correct terminology) but i have know idea how to use the serxxd, sertxd, serout and serin commands the explanations on the picaxe website wern't very useful . so do i just tell it to send out a random number ( with which command?) and then on the recieving end say if (again, i don't know which command) = then the same random number, then do what i want it to do. wouldn't that mean i have to put 

if this = this do this

if this = this do this

if this = this do this

Xbees and rf modules

Hello guys. 

I was thinking about buying a few xbees for my lasertag project but since they're a bit costly i wanted to ask you if it fits my project before buying them.

I'll tell you what i want to to: basically lasertag is a game where there are lots of players that "shoot" at each other with IR pulses. What i wanted to add to it is some sort of "hit feedback", something, be it sound or LED, that tells me whether or not i have succesfully hit my target.

Shows how far you can get with very few and cheap materials
Using a
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