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The Arduino has an awesome new editor.

I have always liked "Code Blocks" as a powerful code editor (and compiler, if set up properly). It is "feature rich" Nice,

There is now a version of this editor for the Arduino!!! (I use and appreciate the original Arduino sketch editor, but it leaves a lot to ask for and I am getting a bit tired of it....

So far, as a demo Code Blocks recreated the good old "blink" program and then compiled it and could run on it on an Arduino. Wow!

This is a fairly early version of the Arduino version and I expect more than its share of problems, but this is a GREAT start!!!

Messing with the Picaxe editor help menu

When researching the exact connections on my 28x1 projectboard, I scowered my directory C:\Program Files\Programming Editor\datasheets\ and found user.txt.

And guess what? It lets you change the help menu in your editor.


That fourth option was not there before! All that was needed was one extra line in the textfile:
PCB hackers need to Read this F*****g Manual now!=c:\Program Files\Programming Editor\datasheets\axe001_pcb.pdf

Picaxe - Now for Mac & Linux!

I am yet to try it, am downloading for the first time as I write, however, just released:

http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/picaxe/ -> Software