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Identifying an eeprom chip

So a long while ago I was buying some parts and i saw a cheep 8 pin eeprom chip. I thought that i might use it eventually but didnt really understand them completely at the time. Now, the time has come where i think i might want to use this but i dont remember which specific ic i bought and thus i dont know the i2c adress that i would use to communicate with this.

It says on it:




Navigate around via ultrasonic and create a map
Using a
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Looking to make a 'sinowealth' ic programmer cable (r232 preferably!)

Hello all, I have undertaken a challenge by freind to use only parts from broken equipment already in my possesion to make something amazing! (i thought id better clarify this befre people start replying 'easier to buy a pic or atmel chip) the only reprogrammable chip in my heap is the SINOWEALTH SM69P26K which i understand is an14k x 4bit mc, does anyone know where to find a schemat or how i can wire a basic R232 programmer cable to connect with? Macgyver status awaits! Thankyou for your time in advance!
Allows you to save data to off chip memory location as well as record rtc data.
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eeprom and picaxe 28x1

hi i wish for my picaxe chip to access an external eeprom chip any one got any ideas how to manage this

many thanks rhys

Store Sound in EEPROM

I know EEPROM can hold letters, numbers, etc, but is it possible to add a sound to eeprom? I am guessing it could be digitized and stored that way and then dumped to a variable and played somehow, but has anyone done it? I have a 1-2 second sound I would like my robot to play when it runs into something or something unexpected happens. I know I can purchase a seperate speaker/microphone kit from tech-supplies, but I would like to keep it on the PICAXE if possible since it is such a small file.

Any ideas?

Tips on EEPROMS, i2c, scratchpad and variables
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