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gear motors

Tech Tip - How Encoders Work

There are different kinds of encoders out there - optical, magnetic, realative, but in this video we'll be talking about realitive quadrature encoders that use a magnetic sensor. 

Help on this motor

I have a motor taken from a printer( had two, killed one to try figuring it out) with three wires, a gear reducing portion and no clue as to how it operates. I've applied voltage to the red and black and nothing happened, so I took it apart to find a small board and ic. Any help would be super appreciated.

Necessary Requirements for Connecting Servo motors, Gear Motors & Sensors to an Arduino Mega 2560 REV3 Board

we are pretty new to robotics and all the knowledge in it is pretty new. Currently we are in the process of making a mobile robotic manipulator for our engineering graduation project.

Though we have completed the mechnial kinematic parts, presently we are in the process of figuring out how to fix various electronic components. From basic calculation we have calculated the necessary torque and force required at various joints. But now that many of the components are here we are pretty confused as to what goes where.

the bot basically have 

Hi, I am ALF, short for Analog Line Follower. I am not an alien, i do not eat cats and i am pretty much earth based, more precise silicon based ;-) Ok, this was the … Read more

Has anyone used the Solarbotics GM17?

Just wondering if anyone has tried these vs the GM8 or GM9. I am thinking of trying them and maybe getting the conversion gears to put in later for more speed. I thought they might be good with some treads to grunt over stuff! Feel free to throw out some other options too!

Gear motors... too slow?

I was looking for small gear motors and I found two nice ones: https://www.robotshop.com/ca/solarbotics-gm7-gear-motor-7.html and https://www.robotshop.com/ca/solarbotics-gm10-geared-pager-motor.html. The first one has a 120:1 gear ratio and the second 81:1. Are these ratios too slow for a robot about 6x6 cm big?

It navigates around the unpredictable world, finds objects, and bangs out a beat on them.
Using a
  This is my attempt at building a drum machine from fritsl's walkthrough. I used two GM3 gearmotors from Solarbotics to drive the black tracks (also from … Read more