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Drive around, and picks up objects
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This robot is from the book "Computer Controlled Robots for C64, VIC20, Spectrum and BBC", which can be downloaded, along with other books of a similar vintage, … Read more

What sensors make sense on a simple gripper arm?

I just purchased a dagu MkII gripper,  and am making a 5dof arm for it.  I do not have any experience whatsoever with operating a robotic arm/gripper.   What sensors make sense on this?   I know servo feedback for grip force, but does a gyro or accellerometer make sense?   I can visually see the full range of motion with the Raspberry Pi cam, but would feel better if there was some way to gaurantee "level".... 


Picks and drops things.
My first robot, only uploaded later. It was uploaded earlier also, but it somehow disappeared. Well, it can pick up small light-weight things and place them … Read more
Small (low-cost) servo gripper for TROBOT
This is a simple gear driven servo gripper, laser cut out of ABS.  Designed to be a low-cost addition to my TROBOT 4.0 project. Servo drives one gipper finger … Read more


This is the first part i made for my bot.

I Used an old RC car, or parts from it anyways.

I will use pressure sensors so it can "sense" how hard its holding things.I will also add another servo so it can spin it's hand.

Update April 1st   Well the dust has cleared and I have finished and submitted my Google Science Fair project and I very happy with it.  I have added the site … Read more
Uses the servos potentiometer to detect resitance on a gripper.
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I soldered a wire to the middle pin of the potentiometer inside the servo that operates my gripper. Using an analog pin, I can tell when the Servo isn't moving. I … Read more
It extends a humans reach and amplifies their gripping strength
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The biotronic amplifier is a robotic reach extending device that can be used to handle hazardous materials or pick up objects that are out of reach. The operator … Read more
Just fixed some URLs to images, no real updates, this bloke has been disassembled for ages. This is my entry for the 2011 Swedish National Robitcs Championship. It … Read more

Creative and Versatile Means of Robot Gripper

BotJunkie.com posted this article of a robotic gripper constructed out of a balloon filled with coffee grounds. It is activated by sucking air in and out of the balloon. It seems to work very well.


Act as a revolute coordinate arm for my Robot NINA to grasp objects (or shake hands, wave hello, etc...).
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A revolute coordinate arm I built to be mounted on my Social Machine, NINA. NINA will be a social machine designed and programmed to interact with humans and in the … Read more
Navigates around via ultrasound, makes :D :) :( :| or :P, tries to catch everything nearby with its gripper
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You can buy German Cheese in Shanghai, sealed in a nice aluminum can. Since a while I toyed already with the idea of doing sth. with these cans. Too good to throw … Read more
Wanders around and grabs your stuff
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Update 2011-10-06: Melty, melty Poor GRAB-E. His foolish creator left him in the garage for a few days after taking him home from a trip. The hot summer sun melted … Read more
It manipulates objects (test movements for now).
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Well, I'm restoring an old robot, because I'm now able to use Basic Stamps. This robot is a Parallax & DeAgostini projects which came out from newsagent's, so … Read more

gripper robot

hi dudes,, currently im workin on a robotic project..

TASK: robot that can lift 250gms of cube block.of dimension 10*10cm(block shd b lifted atleast 10cm height).and it should also move 2 certain distance with that load......

pls tel me wich motors would b very useful to lift dat much weight...i hav chosen DC GEARED motor....wil dat b useful
Will be able to catch things with a grippe
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Foto Album I'm thinking in make a robot where i can make my things my way.. so i'm making it to be line follower, but to future update to gripper. Last updated … Read more