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Robot related groups around St Louis MO


Recently I found out that there are a number of LMR members really close to where I'm at. These are the public robotics related groups around St Louis MO USA. (I'm not including the school based groups -like FIRST- as those are not truly open to the public.)


St Louis Robotics - http://robomo.com/

Central Illinois Robotics Club - http://www.circpeoria.org/

Arch Reactor (hacker space) - http://www.archreactor.org/

St Louis Maker Space - http://www.meetup.com/Saint-Louis-Makerspace/




Humanoid Robot Project Group.

Hi there fellow LMR'icans.

I have wanted for a long time to start building a humanoid robot - and I know how huge that project will be. Still, better to have tried and failed, then always had the idea sitting in my brain doing nothing.

London Robotics groups?


Is anyone on LMR from London? Is anyone familiar with any London Robotics meetup groups?

Does anyone attend dorkbot? I meant to attend my first dorkbotlondon this month, but missed it because of work! The next dorkbotlondon is in February.

I'd like to get involved.


Seattle Robotics Society Meeting

Because I'm lazy, no pictures will be displayed. I have them all on my Facebook page, you can view them here.

Anyone else out there that hasn't registered yet that is in the Seattle area, or is close enough to drive the few hours to get there REALLY should go to the monthly Seattle Robotics Meetings.

One: FREE STUFF!!! One guy that comes to the meetings writes "Then and Now" in Servo mag. He brings leftover SERVO and Nuts and Volts mags that didn't sell sometimes.