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LSM9DS0 Gyro problem

I try to set up LSM9DS0 IMU for my balancing robot.
I use STM32 Discovery and I2C to communicate with sensor. Accelerometer works fine becouse of what I am sure I2C and connections are OK. Unfortunitely Gyro sends the same values all the time.

My configuration is:
CTRL_REG1_G (0x20): 0xff
CTRL_REG2_G (0x21): 0x00
CTRL_REG3_G (0x22): 0x00
CTRL_REG4_G (0x23): 0x00
CTRL_REG5_G (0x24): 0x00

Does someone have some expirience with this sensor and can point me what is wrong or send working configuration?

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GY-521 and motion in a straight line

Hello all

I have a few questions about using GY-521 MPU-6050 gyro. If you have experience - please, help. 

1) Different sources indicate different allowable voltage - 3.3V or 3.3 / 5V. Can I use it with my 5V Arduino?

2) Is GY-521 enought for motion in a straight line of such platforms as dagu 4wd/6wd wild thumper?

Many thanks in advance.




gyroscope source recommendations?

Hi all, searching the site didn't give me much on gyros aside from the MEMS gyro sensors.  I'm interested in good old fashioned spinning chunks of metal :-).  I guess these could also be called flywheels, though ultimately I'm aiming for a gimbal mount active gyro.  Anyone work much with them in robotics projects?  

I'm designing a robot and trying to get a handle how much help they can provide to balance something tall and heavy... e.g. if I use a 20lb gyro at X RPM how much torque could it provide, etc.  

FreeBOT (work in progress)


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