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Can only get a 6-8 cm range out of HC-SR04

Hi everybody,

I'm working on my first robot project: a simple 2WD wall avoider using an Arduino Uno and the Adafruit motorshield v1 and I have a problem with the HC-SR04 sensor I purchased. Everywhere on the web I find that the maximum range is a couple of meters, however I can only get 6-8 cm's from it. 

My code looks like this:

Calculates the distance and reports to an LCD
Using a
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[ALMOST SOLVED] HC-SR04 still giving me grief...

June, 7th 2012


- Updated schema.

- Segregated power supplies of arduino + sensor
- Added 0.047uf caps to the motor leads (one per lead) grounded by the casing.

- Motor + servo power supply changed to 4 AA rechargable batteries.

- Arduino + sensor when powered by USB everything seems to work fine, except the sensor is a bit slow to respond but that surely it's the code's fault.


- Pending issues:  

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3x Ultrasonic sensor

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HC-SR04 Problems

Hi all,

A while ago I bought a HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor, and it worked fine, but now I want to use it on a robot and I am having some problems.


When I output the data from the sensor to the serial monitor this is the result:


MS: 204551, CM: 3702.51, IN: 1457.68

MS: 1526, CM: 27.62, IN: 10.87

MS: 204613, CM: 3703.63, IN: 1458.12

MS: 847, CM: 15.33, IN: 6.04

MS: 204630, CM: 3703.94, IN: 1458.24

MS: 613, CM: 11.10, IN: 4.37

MS: 204615, CM: 3703.67, IN: 1458.13

MS: 419, CM: 7.58, IN: 2.99

MS: 204636, CM: 3704.05, IN: 1458.28

MS: 785, CM: 14.21, IN: 5.59

MS: 204656, CM: 3704.41, IN: 1458.43

MS: 1598, CM: 28.92, IN: 11.39

MS: 204688, CM: 3704.99, IN: 1458.65

MS: 1553, CM: 28.11, IN: 11.07

MS: 204715, CM: 3705.48, IN: 1458.85

MS: 1526, CM: 27.62, IN: 10.87

MS: 204726, CM: 3705.68, IN: 1458.93

MS: 1544, CM: 27.95, IN: 11.00

MS: 204715, CM: 3705.48, IN: 1458.85

MS: 1519, CM: 27.49, IN: 10.82

MS: 204745, CM: 3706.02, IN: 1459.06

MS: 1523, CM: 27.57, IN: 10.85

MS: 204733, CM: 3705.80, IN: 1458.97

As you can see only every second reading is accurate.