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How to share your ideas for LMR

In case you missed it, we added a pretty sweet crowdsourcing module on the homepage of Let's Make Robots. As we said, its purpose is to get your feedback and put in motion the changes you want to see.

It's very easy to share your ideas and vote for them. You can do it in a couple of seconds. 

How to post an idea

Make your voice heard with our new Ideas module!

It’s our great pleasure to introduce our brand new crowdsourcing module here on LMR! Its purpose is to crowdsource ideas with the members of the LMR community and see which are the ones the community wants to see made.


Forum Ideas

Hello all,

I was thinking that it would be nice to give positive feedback to people who help with questions or post a cool project other than just responding to the post. Something like a "give cred" button or a thumbs up button. When the person post topics a small counter would indicate current credibility next to their avatar. The "collect" button is nice but I use it for projects or post I want to keep returning to and sometimes I just want to let the person know their project is awesome or they were super helpful. 

I need YOUR ideas!! Please!

Helloooo all!!!

I wasn't sure where I should post this, but this seemed an ok place......


Yet another ambitious beginner robot project

I'm planning of building a small Arduino-based robot, but it seems there is a lot for me to learn. I'd be grateful of comments from more experienced and knowledgeable people. I consider myself an absolute beginner on electronics front, though I do know some of the basic electrical components and connections. I'll start with some questions.

Need some creative ideas on repurposing a robotic lawnmower

My makerspace just aquired a couple of robomow robotic mowers. The previous owner donated them to us on the behalf we did something cool with them. I'm calling out to LMR for some creative insperation!

Here is the bot:



Thanks guys!

Arduno Home Robot

Hello, I am planning on making a butler bot or home bot what ever you want to call it. It is going to use an arduino for a brain. Anyway I was wondering about what I should make it do so I am asking you to be creative and tell me; If you had your own robot that could do anything what would it do?

Be creative any Idea is appreciated.


The first brainwaves of a rookie robot builder wannabee

So, let me start by saying that I really like LMR already.
For a couple of months now I've been wanting to start playing with robotics, micro controllers and pick up electronics again.
I did some electronics back in school and as a hobby but I didn't have time.

So, a while back I bought an Arduino Uno to start playing with uC's and electronics, drove my girlfriend mad with talks and showing designs I made, which where all not feasible or would be way too expensive to even think about.

Now you will probably think, stop rambling and start talking robots! And I will!

Idea for a symposium

       This is my first blog over here. first let me brief my self. I am an electronics and communications student 3rd year studying in india. Ok I just wanted to ask some of the like minded people here about some ideas and suggestions for an electronics symposium that I am going to attend.Here is a link to the site


I would like some ideas on what to do for some of the events hosted there. comment even if the Ideas you've thought of are heck crazy!

Looking for ideas for RAD 2.0

Yesterday I picked up a RAD 2.0 robot toy from craigslist for $5. What a steal! Everything works fine, even the old battery seems OK.

This guy stands about 19 inches high and is pretty darn cool. Here's a few of his stock features:

Ideas for a remote controlled actuator with some limitations


A friend of mine is biologist and needs to capture regularly ducks to control their health.

He has made a jail which door can be released easily (guillotine door), but this jail is going to be placed on a platform in the middle of a small lake. He has asked for my help to build a device to remotely close the door.

Our first idea was a Hobby remote controller and receiver to activate a servo to close the door.

But there are some limitations which worries us:

What to do with a drunken sailo.. err linear slide?

Ok I was cleaning up around the work bench and found this stepper and belt linear slide assembly that came from a printer. I had kept it to knock up a cheap x/y plotter, but I scrapped that idea and am building a CNC out of better stuff. It seemed like such a waste to destroy or scavenge the motor from it so I need some ideas of what to use this for. The stroke is about 350mm if something were to be attached to the belt, but theres no reason it can`t rotate continuously for something. I also have the metal strip that was used as a slide for the opposite side.

Need Ideas for random junk

Sooo lets see. I have no creativity but a burning hole to learn and build. I have some crap laying around and need some of your creativity. First ill show you the way I got these parts.

I had one of these


And then I somehow turned it into one of these,


And now I have these

Mini-Compo for ideas at Eggshell Robotics


 We started at Eggshell-Robotics a little compo to celebrate the first year of your robot-blog. We want you tosend us ideas/drawings/cakes (well, pictures of) or the like. For more details look at this post at LMR, or into accordng posting at Eggshell Robotics. In whatever you do, be sure to get inspired!

Mini-Compo at Eggshell Robotics

Hi LMR-people!

 We at Eggshell-robotics.com just passed our first birthday and we managed to make a "mini-competition". We want you to draw/animate/builb or whatever creative about something YOU love about robots. The winner will receive a free EggshellRobotics-T-Shirt. For all the rules, look here.

New and need ideas where to start =]

Hey im new to all this i baught myself a picaxe 28A project board pritty nice just made my first little program run on it ill post that and erm yea well i dunno where to go from there thing is i realy do not want to just copy peoples code etc as thats just screwing up the fun of making your OWN robot well thats how i see it so im learning basic. it dont seem to basic tho ¬¬ lol so has naybody got any ideas for me etc love to here from people thanx =]