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Kalman Filter: Asynchronous Sensor Fusion

Anyone know of a good tutorial on Fusing IMU and GPS data with a Kalman Filter?  I've been looking around, and all tutorials assume that the GPS and IMU measure at the same rate.  None explain how to take measureemnts from a 1Hz GPS reciever and fuse it with a 500Hz IMU board.

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self balance
Using a
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LSM9DS0 Gyro problem

I try to set up LSM9DS0 IMU for my balancing robot.
I use STM32 Discovery and I2C to communicate with sensor. Accelerometer works fine becouse of what I am sure I2C and connections are OK. Unfortunitely Gyro sends the same values all the time.

My configuration is:
CTRL_REG1_G (0x20): 0xff
CTRL_REG2_G (0x21): 0x00
CTRL_REG3_G (0x22): 0x00
CTRL_REG4_G (0x23): 0x00
CTRL_REG5_G (0x24): 0x00

Does someone have some expirience with this sensor and can point me what is wrong or send working configuration?

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Discuss general guidelines for self-balancing robots

I'd like to start a discussion to collect general knowledge of what to do and what not to do when building a two-wheeled self-balancing robot (SBR for short).  My hope is that this thread can become a somewhat comprehensive set of guidelines to help beginners and non-beginners build their first balancing robot or  achieve a more stable and successful subsequent design.  Things that I would like to understand include:

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Path Movement Underwater, Autonomously maintains a stable position in the water.
Using a
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