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Interfacing two arduinos in the same robot

I'm wondering if I can make two arduinos interface with each other i.e. one for the servos and another one for sensor reading and receiving commands by RF (no need for tx-rx). Sorta like a master and slave thing. I would just want actually to make variables that both arduinos can read and write. Is it possible by hooking the tx rx pins together?


Rc car re-interfacing with a home pc

Hello,i am quite new to the world of robots and so to get started i bought an rc car from a local store.The key thing i want to do is to change my rf remote so that i can use it from my pc.Now is there a way to change its board or rf remote configuration or the second thing i may think is to buy a new board and interfacing it to the pc via provided interface.The chip used is in the rf remote is TX-2B .Plz guide me i really wanna complete this project.............:(:(:(