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How to use Arduino interrupt in GR Sakura?


I successfully ran a code snippet on Arduino . The arduino code uses timer 1 for interrupt and looks like this...

How to use timer and interrupts on Arduino boards.
    Update 07/24/2013 04/24/2013 Example 3 has been updated to work with Arduino v1.x.Added ArduinoTimer101.zip examples source code for Arduino v1.x .    Read more

Setting up an interrupt properly

For school this year we are making picaxe 08m robots and have a sheet of funtions we need to fill out. This one is attempting to seek shade It needs more work but right now i just need help with the interrupt code,  I have this code here

symbol light = pin3
symbol movment = w0
setint %00100000,%00100000

if light = 0 then low 1
if light = 0 then gosub find
if light = 1 then high 1 low 2 low 4
goto top

Interrupts causing problems

I dislike asking questions - usually it means I didn't RTFM or that my Google skills are sub-par.  Or that I'm missing the obvious.  But here we are.  The following advenure takes place on a Picaxe 28x1 project board (that came with the Solarbotics "Start Here" kit) with a resistor pack replacing the Darlington chip.  The Parallax unit is connected to digital i/o pin 3 (though I see the same behavior on other pins).  Output pin 2 is connected to an LED (but the same behavior holds for pins 4-7 which drive the motor outputs).

Here is some code:


atmega32 INT2



I have an atmega 32... I want to use all of the 3 interrupts... I got problems with INT2...


I set it up as a falling edge and via a 10K resistor put the button to ground...


while(bit_is_set(PINB, PB2));


//init interupt

GICR |= (1<<INT0) | (1<<INT1) | (<<INT2);





the problem is that after the while... when the interrupts are initialized... the pull-up drops out...

Timing interval between interrupts - which Picaxe?

Is this true? A Picaxe08M is awesome, except it will not give me a way to measure the time between interrupts?

Should I upgrade? Which Picaxe do you recommend? I am looking for a minimum pin count.

Don't say Arduino now, ya hear!