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Roomba hardware hacking

I recently got 5 broken Roomba robot, with the purpose of scavenging useful parts and trying to assemble one frankenstain style.
Motors are working!

The motor assembly is always working, is the sturdiest and more reliable part of the robot.
The motor has an encoder, which is analised on the motherboard, an endstop switch which connects when wheels are pressed against the ground and a spring that compress between 800 and 1200g.
The motor assembly weights ~250g.
Motors are powered at 12v dc.

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Using a
My name is Rick and have no programming background but have always wanted my own robot after watching the movie Short Circuit. From that time on I said "one day I … Read more

This is sad.

 iRotots ConnectR is no longer in production. :( That was a very cool idea. While vacuuming the house check on things while at work. :P Oh well.