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shocking servo

I'm trying to control a servo with a joystick.

I first tried to just make the servo turn by sending it to a position, waiting a bit and then to another position.


Now I tried to change the on pulse with a joystick.

But the result was not so good. The closest I got to making it work, my servo shock every second.

Anyone who can help me out?

It's a remote control for a Stewart Platform. Soon it will be a 6DOF HID joystick
Using a
You can find out about this and many more robots @ http://marginallyclever.com. So... I suck at Kerbal Space program.  I needed a better joystick to fly with and I … Read more

Using analgo sticks from a broken controller, advice



I`m using a pair of thumbstick for a RC controller, this joystick have 4 pin, searching on internet I found that they are not pots they are hall effect sensor

thumbstick Photobucket

any advice or suggestion to connect it to my arduino?

joystick "scooter"

Hey guys i need help whit the controll system of my scoter/buggy  i will use to drill motors 12 volt, a sabertooth motor controller, 12 volt battery but her come the har part fro me i need a way of controlling it, just the forward,stop.back,               i was thinking about a joystick controller but i can´t seem to find one that works for me, and i dont know how to conect it       so guys pleas help me whit this,

I Found Some Awesome Joysticks

Just a quick heads-up.

I found quite possibly the most awesome collection of joysticks around. I have yet to get my hands on one, but man --they look good, nice mounting and multi-multi axis. Some of them are X-Y, some are X-Y and button and some are X-Y button AND twist!

Very cool.

They are here at ServoCity.

New parts

Hello everyone, 

So I took the quiz on free day over at Sparkfun.com . After about an hour of answering a questions in between re-loading pages, I finally answered to questions correctly before it was all over. So I got $20 worth of parts. So I didn't know what to buy so I bought some random parts for fun. I ordered these products:



Thumb Joystick with Basic Stamp

I'm trying to interface the joystick from Sparksfun with the BS2 , using the RCTIME function.





Using the attached schematic, I'm only able to detect a reading on one side of the joystick (down & right) & nothing on the other side. however, if i connect the Vcc to the Vert & Hor pins, I'm able to detect all four directions. But this also means that I can't use the Select button.