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LIDAR Product Review


I was fortunate to be selected by RobotShop to review the LIDAR time of flight distance sensor. This was back in September 2015 and I am 100% to blame for the delay in posting.


The LIDAR arrived in a single heavy duty cardboard box with the LIDAR enclosed in a plastic bag and a separate 6-wire interface cable. No hint of packaging problems.

Device Overview

Update: 7 October 2015   Thank all of you for your interest and ideas! After the waiting here are the winners for this review: wilsorobggallant Congratulations! … Read more

Hacked LIDAR Development

Found this 'neato' (wait for it) little project on diydrones.com.  The project details the workings and implementation of a hacked LIDAR device from a Neato XV-11 vacuum cleaner robot—for the purpose of reusing it in your own personal robotic projects.  Makes for some interesting reading.  Check it out some time....




Short post on Successful data out of OSLRF-01 Laser Range Finder

It's late and I'm going to bed. My eyes are blurry, and I've got a headache... but!!!

I'm getting reliable (for the most part) Distance readings out of the OSLRF-01 as evidenced here in my putty dump.  The "ACTUAL" distance to target was in fact 2.67m.  I've got a fairly consistent reflection or ghost at 0.67 and few more stragglers that I will work to filter, but I'm quite pleased.

Prototype of OSLRF01 Arduino Scanning LIDAR (Under $150)

I've finally got pictures to show off the OSLRF-01 Open Source Laser Range Finder.  I've mounted it to a sturdy servo, and am running both currently with An Arduino FIO ... simply because that's the only available Arduino I have at the moment. 

I am also getting boards made up around the ATtiny84 that will sit as a daughterboard on this unit.   But the FIO prototype is to help me get functional code working NOW...

I just received my OSLRF laser Range Finder!

So I received this awesome package in the mail yesterday from LightWare Optoelectronics in South Africa.


So I love lasers. Really, really love them. I've bought about a dozen different types of laser modules (green/red) to play with on my next bot. However I'm at a loss as to where to even begin on using them as more than just a "frickin laser beam", and have it actually DO SOMETHING!